Hello, it’s weathering again

By Mir
October 14, 2014

Today the southeastern United States are experiencing Some Weather, by which I mean that our weather radio has been going off all day long with WARNING WARNING WARNINGS of local tornadoes and “severe thunderstorms.” I do appreciate the tornado warnings—we can’t always hear the sirens out at our house—but I have less appreciation for the 4:00 am wake-up to let me know that it was raining. Uh. Thanks? However would I have known it was SEVERE WEATHER if the radio hadn’t woken me up to tell me so? It doesn’t appear to have an “Only make a lot of noise if I need to go hide in the closet” setting.

Also we got a bunch of recorded warning phone calls and emails, and the power went out a couple of times, and basically today has been a complete waste of time. That’s probably what the weather radio should say instead of bleating out SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS IN THE FOLLOWING SEVENTEEN COUNTIES; it should totally be all, “The dogs will refuse to take their delicate selves outside in the rain to pee, and also the power will go out and the ice cream will melt, and if you have a deadline today, WELL THEN, probably the power will be out for hours.”

This was not really what I pictured when I moved south, but oh well.

While I go reset all the clocks in the house before the power goes out again, you can go read a little story about a different unexpected day, one that didn’t involve sirens.


  1. LizD


  2. el-e-e

    Ours went off three times during the night. Finally at 5:20 ay-em, we heard the sirens and got in the closet.

    Was kiiinda sleepy yesterday. Hope your power came back!

  3. Peggy Fry

    so glad you slowed up and took Slinky for a ride! Isn’t that a good feeling? we did something like that yesterday, and it made the day all lustrous and shiny.

  4. victoria

    glad your karma did not run over the dogma

  5. Daisy

    Amigo has a weather radio because he’s blind and won’t see the crawl on TV. We have a bad habit of turning the volume down when he’s not around and then forgetting to turn it back up again. Luckily, he also gets severe weather warnings on his phone. If we get a bad one, he’ll know it’s coming.

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