Pay no attention to the shitshow behind the curtain

By Mir
September 24, 2014

You know how people say that God won’t give you more than you can handle and then you want to punch those people in the face because clearly you are dealing with more than you can handle and the idea that someone or someTHING handed it all to you on purpose, with thought and consideration, is kind of the the very last straw? That’s where I live, now.

To be fair, it’s possible my tolerance isn’t very good. But it’s also true that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and three fun days in Boston has since given way to three ridiculous are-you-fucking-kidding-me-with-this?? days upon my return. FUN! More on that later, maybe. (Or not! Misery is boring!)

Anyway, before everything went sideways, there was a sweet and wonderful thing that happened with my kids. I’m glad I write this stuff down because sometimes (like today!) I really need to be reminded that things are not always awful. I wrote about it for Alpha Mom, and if you love a D&D nerd (or are a D&D nerd) I think you’ll especially enjoy this one.


  1. Lara

    I really detest that God/handle quote. I now borrow a friend’s response “if that was true then there wouldn’t be people living on the street”! So sorry to hear everything went sideways and hoping the world is righted again or as near as our worlds ever do get to being “righted”. Beautiful post – how wonderful that they’re enjoying each other’s company.

  2. Ani

    Misery needs hugs. Even virtual ones from people you’ve never met.

    Glad you enjoyed Boston. Misery needs to take a vacation every once in a while. :-)

  3. Karen

    I also detest that quote. Immensely.

  4. Joy

    that so-called quote that people spout off so willy-nilly is in fact a misquote – the actual verse says:

    I Corinthians 10:13
    No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

    There’s a big difference between temptation and having your whole world cave in on you. I always wondered about that “won’t give you more than you can bear” and massive deaths of innocents, disasters, etc. The actual quote I can understand, the misquoted pronouncements telling you to stiffen your spine because “God won’t give you more than you can bear” should be whacked with a baseball bat…

  5. Christy

    Agree with above commenters!! If God didn’t give us more than we can handle, we wouldn’t need Him for anything would we? Sigh….hate that misquote too. Hang in there girl…

  6. Chris G

    I loved your post. I hate that quote too….I hope things get better soon or at least not as miserable. You really need a break.

  7. Daisy

    The other one is “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well, I’m strong enough, thank you very much. Whatever keeps trying to kill me can knock it off now.

  8. Chris

    So sorry the re-entry was so bad. I am with Daisy on disliking the “doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. How do you know I am not dying here? Bad things happen to good people was another one from my grandmother. ????! How is that supposed to help?

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