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By Mir
July 23, 2014

Some people love the Christmas season, others twirl around with glee in the early spring when the flowers begin to bloom. Me, I think mid-summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone else is all “It’s so hot! It’s so rainy! I can’t believe school’s starting soon!” And then I’m over here on cloud nine, all, “IT’S BAND CAMP SEASON, BITCHES!”

Band camp is a miracle, wrapped in jubilation, taking the covert form of teenagers who are happy and too tired to be difficult.

Sure, getting up early and packing lunches again isn’t really something any of us missed, but it’s worth it. Chickadee’s in her happy place. Monkey’s stretching himself and finding his way. The groundwork is being laid for an awesome return to school and busy, happy fall days. I like it. Nope, scratch that. I love it.

And hey! This one time, at band camp? I wrote about my continuing love for band camp and all things marching band at Alpha Mom. Long live marching band, man.


  1. abbeyviolet

    As a once and always band nerd (way in to college), who still loves marching bands, you might all enjoy DCI when it comes to Atlanta this weekend: http://www.dci.org/schedule/?week=6 Check it out. We go almost every year and love it.

  2. Kristie

    My son’s first day of band pre-camp was today! I am so thrilled!

  3. Debbie

    We have officially ended marching band with the graduation of my second child from high school this past May. My daughter is entering 6th grade next month and just beginning band, so I have 3 years before marching band starts for her. But… but… this summer we entered the world of drum corps! Just two weeks left of the season, and it’s over, but oh what a ride it’s been! I second abbyviolet’s suggestion to go to the show in Atlanta if you can. What a treat it would be! I call drum corps marching band on steriods. The top corps will be there Saturday, including the one my son is part of (The Cavaliers). Your daughter would LOVE it!

  4. Susan Wakefield

    You missed an opportunity to pun … you could have spelled “symbol” “cymbal” :)

  5. Andee

    Love the Band Geeks! :-)

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