Yeah, we’re cheesy

By Mir
July 16, 2014

So the Very Good News is that Duncan is now two weeks out from his surgery and got his stitches out and his inflatable collar off and never have you seen a dog so happy. He loves everyone and everything, and this is even in light of the Not So Good News that wearing that stupid collar (to keep him from eating his stitches, mind you) ended up giving him a whopper of an ear infection. (Apparently having your ears sort of pushed closed for a couple of weeks is bad.) By the time I discovered it, his ear was seriously grody and caked with… stuff. Ear cheese. Doesn’t everyone call it ear cheese? We call it ear cheese. Which then leads to a host of comments about how “He’s such a Gouda boy!” and “He’s just making some Mutt-zerella….”

(I know. We’re terrible.)

Anyway. I gave the vet what little money we had left and now everyone is healthy and good-smelling (Duncan finally got a post-surgical bath; Licorice took herself on an adventure thanks to an HVAC worker here leaving our gate open, and while I think she enjoyed the pond, she also needed a bath) and shhhhh, everyone act cool, because I think it’s all good.

In other news, longtime readers may remember that Something Terrible happened a looooong time ago, back before Otto and I got married, when I brought the kids down to Georgia to visit. At the time I was so upset I couldn’t even talk about it. Here we are, seven and a half years later, and I think we may have finally come full circle. You can go read about it over at Alpha Mom, if you like.


  1. Laura

    I’m glad you Duncan is better!
    And we’ll keep tiptoeing on your behalf.

  2. JennyA

    Hooray, Duncan!

    I remember Something Terrible — I started reading you not long before that — wow, has that been SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS AGO? Hooray for time, and love.

  3. ks grandma

    Yeah, crying here. Success, if that was your goal?

    • 12tequilas

      Probably not the goal, exactly, but Mir does manage to make her readers cry. Often. This is a good thing.

  4. LizD


    It’s amazing how long you’ve been blogging and how very quickly they grow up! I started reading you when my baby was ending elementary school, and he will be a college grad in a few months.

    Thank you for your honesty through the years. It has helped me!

  5. victoria

    he is really something.

  6. Sharon

    You have reasons to be proud of where you are as a family, Mir. I for one think a show about a family like yours would make great TV viewing ~ enough humor mixed in with the real life lessons that people would tune in weekly to see what happens next.

  7. TC

    SO WHERE ARE THEY GOING? Info, Mir! I need info!

  8. Daisy

    Ear Cheese? Not here in the Dairy State. I have lots of ear issues (hearing impairment, hearing aids, yada yada yada, but “ear cheese” has never crossed my fair lips.

  9. Kristin

    I do remember that and I was dying to know what she did! Kind of a let down, I thought she’d murdered someone lol.

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