We are windburned and jetlagged and happy

By Mir
June 12, 2014

I promise I will actually write about our vacation… ummm… sometime. I will. Once I’m all caught up on the real work I have to do from being away for all that time. (Real Job Benefit: Having honest-to-goodness vacation time. Real Job Drawback: Having a giant pile of work waiting for you when you return from that work-free time.) We did all sorts of fun things in Colorado, and my life flashed before my eyes as I careened down a mountain, even. (Best part: Not dying!)

While you’re waiting, the good news is that after Breckenridge we hopped over to Denver to visit Kira, and ten people in a house together—twelve, if you count her folks, who live in an attached apartment—with a dog and a cat and a pen full of baby chickens is… kind of a lot. In the best possible way, you understand, but it’s also just quite noisy. I was a little worried Otto wouldn’t recover, but he seems to have. Anyway, you can read more about that part of the trip at Alpha Mom, while I go do worky stuff and apply aloe to this super-sexy farmer burn I have going on.


  1. dad

    Welcome back to reality.
    Glad the remainder of your trip was enjoyable.

    We are still on cloud nine and will commence planning the next round forthwith.

  2. Midj

    Read Kira’s account of the adventure. Thanks for “introducing” me to her all those years ago… So glad you had such a great time! Thinking of you…

  3. Sharon

    I’m envious of your trip ~ fun family vacation AND meeting up with a good friend & her family. Those were always the best vacations when the kids lived at home.

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