Oh, the places we went!

I feel like I could probably write an excellent Dr. Seuss-esque book about some of our recent adventures, although small children might not find them as entertaining as I’d like.

Into the kayak you’ll go,
You’ll plan to go slow…
But oh, the river goes fast,
Until sanity’s flown past!
And then you might need a plaster cast.

I kid, of course. No one is injured. Much. (Otto doesn’t want to talk about it, though.) But we did go kayaking. And then I wrote about it for Alpha Mom. You should read it, maybe.

(Also, I am mulling over Things I Can Write About because I know it’s been a while. The next post may be Things I Spent Money On, because if there’s anything better than a person navel-gazing about their life, it’s a person navel-gazing while talking about gratuitous consumerism.)


  1. Tracy B

    What a fun filled day! Sounds like you all had a great time!

  2. Chris G

    I loved your story and felt like I was there. I’ve said it before I love your story telling and the metaphors were understood. It sounds like one of those days that you go to sleep exhausted with a smile on your face. Tired but fulfilled in a good way….your tank is full. I had to read it slowly as I have been awake 24 hours without sleep but then I could savor it….and then I read it all over it was that good.

  3. Sharon

    This is a lesson I have to learn over and over again. This evening I sat with my fully grown, living-on-her-own daughter. All I could really do was paddle my own kayak and hope that whatever guidance I could offer would be enough.


    I hope u never buy a map called The Central Northwest Cascade Mountains, it’s a real nice map, the kind you hang on your wall and wish you could one day visit the SKY VALLEY, near Index Washington, State, and think you can ky-ak from Eagle Falls to Bridal Veil Falls and find out there is a real nasty waterfall in between that isn’t listed/ Canyon Falls/ this is where my family and I live/ It’s not on the MAP. The map is sold around town but so many people don’t have any idea this waterfall exists/ people end up in pieces when they go over, or they end up in the undertow. You think I hate
    swimming here? I do. I’m telling you, who calls herself ALPHA MOM. because someone needs to be aware that this is Omega zone for uninformed rafters and ky-akers. thanx

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