Waking up is hard to do

I commented to someone the other day that I really never know how to react to the (often placating) usage of the phrase “All teens do that, it’s totally normal.” Do they/is it really? On the one hand, I don’t appreciate challenges we face due to my kids’ “extras” being brushed off as no biggie; but on the other hand, it turns out that I have no idea what normal teens do. It’s doubtful that I was ever a normal anything, myself, and my kids are not neurotypical, so how the heck am I supposed to know if they’re being normal teens or being their special snowflakey pain-in-the-butt YOONIQUE selves?

The one thing I have managed to learn is that a little humor brought to even the most aggravating situation can help a lot. I’m sure the kids don’t think it helps them as much as it helps me, but it helps me not to strangle them, so it’s all good.

Without further ado: Feel free to head over to Alpha Mom for the ballad of the school morning teen.


  1. Amy

    Normal is just a setting on the dryer :-). I cringe sometimes when I think about how WEIRD I was as a teen and how much my parents had to put up with what with their incredible non-weirdness.

  2. Beth R

    Is it horrible to admit that I go through this every morning, playing all of the parts myself? :)

    Ok, I don’t have a bus to catch, but that commute to work isn’t any easier if you sleep in. I keep telling myself I’ll learn my lesson, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do the same thing every day.

    When did I turn into Mir’s teenage kids?

  3. Otto

    Nice piece of fiction, wife. You know our mornings are never that calm or predictable …


  4. Therese

    Love it!!! Fortunately for me, those days are over :)

  5. Sharon

    Mir- I truly admire you. It’s comforting to know you go through the same struggles as I do.

  6. Mary K. in Rockport

    That is an excellent piece of work.

  7. Aimee

    This is totally made of awesome with awesome sauce! My favorite verse?

    I’ll grab up this shirt, and this pair of jeans.
    I’ll ask if they match; you’ll ask if they’re clean.
    I’ll wail that you just don’t understand my fashion,
    While you sarcastically slow-clap my “passion.”

    I mean, come on, that’s genius.

  8. Laura

    My daughter is eight and we are already there. I thought it was a phase she’d grow out of. I am now deeply depressed.

  9. Sheppitsgal

    HURRAY! I’m a 41 year old teenager (well, as far as not wanting to leave my warm bed goes) :)

  10. Chris

    Love it!!! I know you weren’t asking for advice but I can’t imagine we would ever get our 13 and 15 year old girls out of the house on time in the morning if they had to shower then – we require showers before bed and earlier wake up time to cover primping (straightening hair etc). Doesn’t help much with the rest of it but at least we have the option to push them out clean and partially clothed (I have tried to make my slowest pick out her clothes the night before without much success )

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