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Being an adult is complicated, man. While I appreciate that I don’t have to ask anyone if I feel like having ice cream for dinner (this IS the marvelous future I imagined!), there are other aspects of adulthood I don’t relish quite so much.

Like, the older I become, the more I realize I’m responsible for my own behavior, regardless of how anyone else has behaved towards me. In a word: BUMMER.

Teaching these lessons to my kids feels a bit Sisyphean. Today I’m over at Alpha Mom, talking about what respect really means, and how much it’s not about the other person. It turns out that sometimes other people are jerkfaces, and that doesn’t entitle us to be jerkfaces right back. Weird, right?


  1. Amy

    I don’t know if everyone gets the same ads when they go over to Alpha Mom, but it feels like even Alpha Mom is pressuring me to get pregnant with their “Your Pregnancy Calender” ad!!

  2. lAimee

    Man, that is a bummer, and something I struggle with every single day, to some degree or other. It really is true, in a big-picture sort of way, that you can catch more flies with honey (although, digression: flies are gross, and I don’t want to catch any) but man, there are a lot of vinegary people out there and it’s hard to resist giving back what you get. I don’t have kids, but I’m working on it myself every day and trying the best I can to model it for my nieces and nephews when I’m with them. All I can say is: good luck. xo

  3. Jim

    Mir – Are you finished posting on Woulda and going strictly with Alpha now?

    • Mir

      Nope, just pulling way back here. Will always link to my Alpha Mom stuff from here because hey, at least I’m there when I’m not here, but you’ll get the occasional post here as well. Just trying to find my new groove, is all.

  4. Alysia

    Absolutely, I know as an adult I can do anything I want, but at what consequence? Sometimes I wish I was a kid again because their were no bills just going to school and playing outside. But I guess that sort of freedom had to end sometime. Some days are harder than others, but my memories and my dreams keep me going as well ;). You ladies are great!!!!

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