Dear kids: don’t read this one

Today over at Alpha Mom I’m sharing the naked truth about keeping romance alive when you have teenagers. Spoiler: It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be (and not in a “that’s what she said” kind of way, either). This would be a good time for nosey children of mine who like to read my blog to NOT go read that particular post. Consider yourselves warned.

By way of apology, I offer you this picture of my breakfast.

(They let me eat about half of it.)


  1. Jenna

    My big bad (goofball) pit bull begs for romaine lettuce when I make a salad. What’s crazy is that she will actually eat it if I give it to her.

    • Mir

      Licorice has always been crazy for apples/bananas/carrots, but the couple of times she begged for spinach seemed very perplexed about why I was feeding her leaves. Duncan, on the other hand, sort of had to follow her lead to discover fruits and veggies, but the other day I was making a salad and dropped some spinach and he not only snapped it all up, he took it in the other room to make sure it was ALL HIS. Cracked me up.

  2. Javamom

    Certainly judging by the look on those two faces you must be starving them! LOL

  3. Full Spectrum Mama

    Where’s the Dog Dignity? Carnivorous! Vicious!…Starving for fruit?

  4. Jean

    I think we need a post of nothing but ridiculously cute pictures of those two. Would make my day :)

  5. Rosie

    Is that a banana in your hand or…wait…yes, yes it is. Carry on. Picture not related to link. (RIght? I haven’t read it yet!)

    • Heather

      Haha I saw that too – with the banana and little doggy heads on either side…oh dear :P

  6. Flea

    Our dogs keep our romance of 22 years alive. Especially our new little dog that sleeps between us on the bed.

  7. Karen R

    And then there is the disabled adult offspring who will be living at home for the foreseeable future, who likes to cuddle before she goes to bed. And likes to stay up later than we do. We’ve learned to inform her that she needs to go to her own bed at least a half hour earlier on certain nights…

  8. Eliza Beth

    Hi Mir,
    Ha-ha!! So true in the very saddest of ways.
    Augggh – having kids around kills romance, and parents NEED romance to stay emotionally connected to each-other!

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