Guess what last weekend was?

By Mir
February 17, 2014

I know I didn’t talk about it a ton this year, but after all of the ice and snow and general mayhem of last week, we ended up putting on just two performances of The Vagina Monologues. (It was supposed to be four, and it’s a charity event, so the truncated schedule was kind of a bummer all around.)

Over the weekend I did a quickie “Hey, would you want to see video?” query over on the blog’s Facebook page, and your responses ran from “yes, please” to “WHY HAVEN’T YOU POSTED IT YET???” so I guess that was pretty clear. If you are NOT interested in hearing me be completely NSFW while making a lot of interesting faces (seriously, Chickie was asking me about why wrinkles happen, the other day, and I explained that your skin loses elasticity as you get older; when we watched this video after Otto made it, her first comment was, “I thought your face was supposed to be LOSING elasticity, Mom”), go ahead and skip this. Also note that there are a couple of skips/cutaways due to camera issues, but this is pretty much most of my piece.

“Because He Liked to Look At It” from woulda on Vimeo.

[And finally, you know I’m not one to beg on behalf of every pet cause, but this production is usually a big fundraiser for Project Safe and didn’t make nearly the money it normally does due to the weather. If you felt like donating a few bucks to them—or your own local, similar organization—that would be pretty spectacular.]


  1. Karen V

    That was amazing! I need to go see this now. Also your hair is super pretty!

  2. carrie

    Fabulous — really. You are terrific. I’ve never seen the monologues, but the next time I see it come to town I’ll have to catch it.

    Now, excuse my ADD, but I was distracted by the interesting scarf. Any chance of a tying tutorial, please?

      • carrie

        Thanks, Mir — very cool. Although, please know that the scarf didn’t outshine the performance!

  3. Chickadee

    My loving mother failed to include this TOTES AMAZING gif set I made for her:

    • Kemi

      Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m sure she was too overcome by… something… to include it. Thank you for thinking of her (and us!) and posting it on her behalf. ;)

      P.S. Mir, you are so pretty!

    • Midj

      Thanks, Chickie! That was amazing. Just like your Mom. Please tell her I think she (and you!) are really cool!

  4. tracyb

    That was awesome!

    Chicke, she included that bit on FB. It was funny to see all the expressions!

  5. Rasselas

    Mir! You look really beautiful in video! Just thought you should know. :)

  6. Mel

    You look great! Did you take a photo of yourself that night? I LOVE your hair and that should be your new Bio photo ;) Great job!

  7. Marissa

    I loved it!! You are funny and charming and captivating!! Your hair looks fantastic.

  8. Em

    Wow! Great job! I was also digging your hair and scarf but mostly your balls for your vagina performance. (That makes sense) . Did I read somewhere that you have to write your own piece or is it a script? I only ask because – and don’t take this as a judgment, which I know often preceeds just that, but this isn’t – how do you share all that with your kids? I am not saying you shouldn’t. I’m saying I strive to be pretty open with my kids and I would turn 10 shades of red. I’m proud of you (for what that is worth. Lol) whether it is scripted or not. You did a fantastic job!

    • Mir

      OH EM GEE IT IS A SCRIPT. I have never had sex with anyone named Bob.

      (I am laughing so hard at your comment right now. Not at YOU, just the idea that that story could’ve been mine. Yeah, no. All of the monologues are real, collected by Eve Ensler, but those of us who put the show on are just acting!)

      • Em

        No really! I thought I read here that you were working on it. You probably meant practicing it and I got it in my head you were composing it.

  9. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing. I was able to perform in the Vagina Monologues twice and really enjoyed it. I agree with all the others – your hair looked really awesome. The performance was great as well.

  10. Anna Marie

    Chickie won the internet with that gif set. And your performance was fantastic!

  11. Peggy Fry

    Very nice! No vocal patterns (that can really be a problem…) I liked the scarf, the hair. The only thing I would say is that (as a costumer) you should use a magic marker on the bottom of your shoes to cover the size number. Now, isn’t that a laughably small thing to comment on???? Not too loud, not too over the top, not boring and overly restrained. I liked the performance a lot. I did one of these one time. I think it was called ‘down there’. What a great evening of theatre!

  12. RuthWells

    You are freaking adorable. Brava!

    • RuthWells

      Also, donation made in your honor. : )

  13. Midj

    Mir, I thought it was wonderful. I am so amazingly proud of you for sharing this with us, and your amazing daughter. She will not grow up ashamed of being a woman. Or of her sexuality. What a great gift you have given her. And PS. She is so frickin’ cute with her comment I can’t stand it!

  14. kapgaf

    I hope you enjoyed playing the part as much as I enjoyed watching it and I love the gif.

  15. not supergirl

    So good! I’m sincerely impressed. Also, I love the gif set. :)

  16. Sharon

    This is great and your hair looks fantastic!

  17. Heather

    You are so pretty and funny and full of awesome :D

  18. Aimee

    I am SO late to this party, but you were FABULOUS!!!! I wish I could have been there to see the show in person, but thank you for posting the video.

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