One month in

By Mir
February 4, 2014

Monkey’s been back at public school for a month, and Otto and I still whisper and knock on wood when we dare to speak aloud about how great everything is going. Rational or not, we are still afraid to jinx it.

Of course, today I decided that that was just plain silly, and I went over to Alpha Mom and wrote all about how my baby is finding his awesomeness, which OF COURSE meant that I then got a phone call from school that MAH BAYBEE had become collateral damage in a hallway brawl. (Yep, I jinxed it.)

But he’s okay. Better than okay, really. I hope you’ll come read about why, because I think my kid is teaching me way more than I’ve ever taught him.


  1. LizD

    Hi Mir, Of course you are pretty and probably busy with shiny things. Just wanted to comment that I have been sending positive wishes your way. Since you’ve not posted much, I imagine times are tough, and I hope it gets better. In the meantime, pics and vids of adorable dogs are always appreciated. ooxx

  2. Sharon

    I, too, am glad you posted today – and with such good news about Monkey’s experience with high school! Sending all good thoughts ~

  3. Karen

    … it’s a beautiful thing. What a mature Monkey you’ve got on your hands… I would have used a few curses and been in a bigger pot of hot water, he is better than I…

  4. Chris

    Wow that is impressive growth and responses from Monkey (I think I could have reacted worse in both instances). A little worried about the collateral damage thing but will assume he is ok in the end.

  5. Triplezmom

    I am completely impressed with Monkey. . .pretty sure I still wouldn’t handle those situations so well.

  6. Daisy

    I love hearing stories about Monkey growing up. You could post about him every day and I wouldn’t find it too much.

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