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By Mir
January 13, 2014
Category Detritus

Trampoline: It finally stopped freezing and/or raining, so both children have had the chance to try out the trampoline. True to their individual personalities, Chickadee pretty much treats it like a hammock and lies there waiting for someone to peel her a grape, whereas Monkey BOINGed around for ten minutes and then wanted to argue about whether or not the dogs could join him (no).

School: Today was the first day of Monkey’s second week at the high school, and so far his only complaint is that there’s not enough work. I… yeah. I don’t know, either.

Weekend: After the aforementioned first week of school ALL I WANTED IN THE WORLD was a relaxing weekend after five straight days of being wound tighter than a spring. I sort of got my wish… I got a stomach bug! (Yay?) When a friend asked via email on Sunday if I was feeling better, I reported that I was no longer sick but was “dragging around in a dehydrated state of extreme self-pity.” I can’t say I recommend it.

Dogs: I feel that pack integration is now complete, as Duncan will simply walk up to Licorice and start gnawing on her neck and/or ears when he wants to play. And she lets him. They bark, they play, they seem to understand they’re stuck with each other.

Everything else: There is nothing else. I am just over here guzzling Gatorade and waiting to feel human again.


  1. My Kids Mom

    “Need” is a relative term. A regular dose of Mir is sometimes just what I need.

  2. Flea

    Awww. Feel human soon. And our dogs’ favorite play place was the trampoline. Tons of fun for canines and humans alike.

  3. Kim

    Am enjoying the visuals of dogs on the trampoline (especially poor Duncan – huh? Where the H am I?) more than those of a dehydrated you. Hope you feel prettier soon!

  4. getsheila

    You could put socks on the dogs so their teeny claws wouldn’t damage the trampoline.

    Actually, I would pay good money just to them in doggie socks, forget the trampoline!

    I’m sure they won’t mind…

  5. Karen

    Feel better Mir.

    Monkey… you are some kind of special snowflake, kiddo. I’m voting for YOU in the next election.

  6. Javamom

    I love your pup stories. Now that you have two you have double the fodder! :)

    Just today I had a kitten and a not-yet 6 month old french bulldog puppy visit and play with my gigantic guinea pig so…I get it. I get how the animals can save the day. lol



  7. Daisy

    Wishing you well – and lots of good rehydration and good luck.

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