Did you know it was cold?

I’m sure it comes as a tremendous shock when I tell you that Hey, it’s cold outside. It’s not as though 1) it’s cold absolutely everywhere, and 2) the news is all OMG HIDE YOUR CHILDREN IT’S THE COLDPOCALYPSE!!1!!!

So yes, it’s cold out. (In other news: Water is wet. Amazing!) It’s so cold out, we didn’t have school today.

Today at Alpha Mom, I’m telling you why this is all my fault. And I’m only sort of sorry.


  1. Flea

    Did the Polar Express make it to Georgia, too?! It’s warming up here in Tulsa. Perfect weather for dogs to play in.

  2. Kathy

    My 21 year old aspie jumps on his trampoline EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Multiple times per day!! He has had it since before we even knew he was aspie … but did know he was quirky! It was, by far, the best investment we have ever made on his behalf!!!

    Good job, mom!

  3. NKM


    That is the best news ever. I am overjoyed that Monkey loved his first day of High School! I would have been freaking out too — we can barely make it through middle school with our Monkey. You give me hope! Great job on raising a great son and daughter.

  4. TC

    It’s NOT cold absolutely everywhere. I mean, yeah, I needed a sweater on my way in to work this morning, but went without one at lunch time. And that, my friend, is why I so adore living in Southern California.

  5. Daisy

    You, as a former New Englander, probably handled the cold without much panic. Right? Right.

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