BRB, getting my woo-woo on

By Mir
December 31, 2013
Category Growing

Happy New Year’s Eve day! We are planning a schedule of complete debauchery today, as you might expect from party animals such as ourselves. Why, we’re going to unload the dishwasher AND reload it! Later on tonight there might be popcorn! It’s a veritable bacchanalia at Casa Mir.

I’m not terribly sad to see 2013 go. 2012 was flat-out awful, so 2013 was definitely an improvement, don’t get me wrong. But let’s just say I hope 2014 brings further improvements. Or at least more sleep. Either way.

Today at Alpha Mom I’m sharing why I do what I do to ring in the new year. No fancy resolutions or bucket lists for me, just a few hours of letting my subconscious do some arts and crafts. It seems to work.


  1. kapgaf

    Hope 2014 works out better for you and the family – love to all of you from Frogland.

  2. Brigitte

    Wow, *I* did the dishwasher thing too! We might even make it until 10:00. We’re REALLY crazy!

  3. momzen

    At least one time in the past you posted what you’d made. I’d love to see it again if you are up to it…

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