The holidays ate me and all you got was this post

By Mir
December 3, 2013

First the kids were off school for a week and then I was cooking for days and then it was Thanksgiving and then it was a million other things AND the first miserable cold of the season which we passed around to everyone in the house AND a bunch of work and school stuff AND one of those “now we must reevaluate our life choices and make everything more complicated!” revelations that I like to have when I’m sick and busy AND did I mention that the new dog’s favorite pastime is slurping up an entire bowl of water and then horking it right back up onto the kitchen floor? Because it is. (He’s cute, but not very bright.)

There’s more to tell, of course, but for right now, I’ll leave you with my latest at Alpha Mom, because it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and if I think about it too much, I have MANY MANY FEELS. What a difference a year makes, sometimes.


  1. Mama Bear

    Not trying to alarm, but slurping up an entire bowl of water at a time is not normal behavior. (as if you didn’t know this!) Has he been checked for diabetes? Just to be safe….

  2. meeshie

    During my first marriage.. my husband (in his 20s) still received undies and pjs from Mrs. Claus every year. Sometimes.. tradition is comforting. Plus.. new undies.. so there’s that. ;)

  3. Shanna

    This comment has nothing to do with your post, however I hope you all start feeling better soon. ;) I wanted to tell you that I made your recipe for Nan yesterday and it was awesome! Once I realized that I really did need to crack out the rolling pin and hey, putting flour on your cutting board makes it so you can actually get the bread dough off of it and into the pan. Now today I have the Moong Dal soup going in my crockpot, unattended so I hope I put enough juice in it that I don’t have a brick of lentils when I get home. So thanks for the recipe and post more recipes that it will take me months or years to finally try. ;)

  4. Mary K. in Rockport

    I love it that they cling to certain rituals – mine do, too, at thirty-something and twenty-something. For ornaments this year, maybe tiny little dogs?

  5. 12tequilas

    Yeah, I would definitely check with the vet on that water thing if you haven’t already.

  6. Mir

    I love how you’re all worried about Duncan. He’s fine! He doesn’t do it all the time. He just periodically gets all excited and drinks too fast and pukes it back up. He is not drinking/peeing excessively in general, and lord knows we spend plenty of time with the vet with him. The water thing really is just him being dumb.

  7. addy

    Our big dummy has been doing the water thing for about 12 years now. Sometimes, it is apparently required to drink ALL THE WATER – and puke. Don’t know why. Just yeah……………….

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