Sometimes I’m a little punny

Some of the drama du jour ’round here has me thinking about what it means to be in the right, and how the older I get, the less important it feels to me. The kids, though, man alive. When they’re right they’re RIIIIIIGHT, and woe betide the person who tries to interfere with their convictions with pesky things like a differing opinion.

We’re working on it, and while we do, I started working on a piece for Alpha Mom, and then cracked myself up by titling it The Unbearable Rightness of Being. Get it? Get it?? It’s okay if you don’t agree that I’m funny, because I know that I don’t always have to be right. (See what I did there? SEE? Oh, nevermind.)


  1. kapgaf

    The Unbearable Rightness of Being, starring Daniel Day and Night I’m Right Lewis and Juliet Binoche surprised if I’m Right yet again.and Lena Olin all, I’m usually Right.

  2. suburbancorrespondent

    Oh, I LOVE when I come up with a good post title like that! I applaud your punniness.

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