I think this is the end of an era

By Mir
August 7, 2013

I made the homeschooling child get up early and put on shoes, much to his chagrin. Chickadee was already up, maybe a little nervous, maybe a little excited, but saving us from the “I’m NOT A MORNING PERSON!” slog for this first day back, at least.

It’s the first day of 10th grade, and—as the saying goes—what a difference a year makes. Thank God.

For those paying close attention, you may note that this year, Monkey’s shoes are slightly larger than Chickadee’s. Next year when we do first-day-of-school pictures, I think he’ll be taller than her, too. I’ve been telling her for years to enjoy being taller while it lasts, but I think she’s never really believed me that her days were numbered.

This morning was calm and ordinary and unremarkable—just one of those everyday miracles. I had the passing realization that Monkey will pass Chickadee’s height by this time next year, then nearly burst out laughing at what a normal thing that was to think about.

Today’s a good day.


  1. suburbancorrespondent

    Thank goodness, right? It’s amazing the difference a year can make.

  2. RuthWells


  3. deva

    Today is a good day.

    and those shoes? bad. ass.

  4. birchsprite

    Hooray for all the happy ordinary things!

  5. Kailani

    Hooray for the first day of school shoes pics!!
    (Let’s not think about last year…)

  6. Aimee

    My first thought was, wow, Monkey’s feet are bigger than Chickadee’s! Second thought, yay for GOOD DAYS! Third, Chickadee’s shoes are the bomb.

  7. Sharon

    “Just one of those everyday miracles” ~ those are the best kind.

  8. Bob

    no boots w/straps & buckles? Her shoes are at least black & have skulls, though.

    my wife’s garden shoes have skulls. good choice, Chickadee.

  9. Genevieve

    Everyday miracles. How wonderful, marvelous, fabulous!
    So happy for you all.

  10. AlisonC

    Such an unexciting entry about the first day at school – and that makes me very happy for you all. I hope you have many unexciting days ahead!

  11. js

    I went back and read. Last year…when Chickie was only six… All those old entries. Thank God for everyday miracles, indeed. Here’s to normal, cute shoes and a very happy first day of school for everyone. It’s time to bake some cookies now, I think ;-)

  12. not supergirl

    The appreciation for normal, calm days is so sharp when it’s contrasted with the other days, isn’t it? I am so glad it’s a good day.

  13. Lucinda

    God bless normal!

  14. Anna

    Why is it a picture of shoes made the screen all fuzzy and my face wet? *sniff* I am so, so glad to see two pair again.

  15. Issa

    Man some people start EARLY. It’s barely August. Sigh. I’ll be saying that even when mine go back on the 19th, because I’m from Los Angeles where we always were off until after Labor Day. I hope Chickie has an amazing first day. Monkey too. LOVE love her shoes by the way.

  16. Mandy


  17. Frank

    I am not much on fashion in general, but Chickie’s shoes are too cool.

    Horray for a bit of normalcy.

  18. dad

    I like you to have good days.

  19. laura

    Cheers to Mir & Co. May your days be filled with normal, preferably good normal.

  20. Jamie


  21. Chuck

    Actually I caught up with my older sister’s shoe size when I was 5 and she was 14. Big feet, yes I have them.

  22. Jeanie

    Yay for good days!

  23. karen

    It’s a beautiful thing :-)

  24. Kyle

    I’ll never forget the day that I realized I was looking up at my son instead of down. It was exhilarating yet sad at the same time.

  25. KarenP

    So good to hear!

  26. Jen

    Yes. A good day. :)

  27. Chris

    Love the shoes, love the photo.

    Thanks for sharing (and stressing me out about the start of school even though we have another ~4 weeks before it starts)

  28. addy

    God don’t you just love normal ;)

  29. Lara T

    Yay! So happy for you all!

  30. Lynda M O

    Happy New School Year. I remember when my younger brother bypassed not just his sisters but the oldest of the clan, our Big Brother, too. It was a moment to savor.

  31. el-e-e

    We love you, Mir. Here’s to this year!

  32. el-e-e

    …I didn’t mean to rhyme that.

  33. TracyB

    Awe….yay!! I remember no shoe picture last year. A hard year but boy, look at you now! I’m so happy for you!

  34. mel

    This is adorable. I think you should start measuring their height monthly starting now for the rest of the school year to see how long it takes Monkey to creep up on her and surpass her height :)

  35. Kelly

    Woo hoo! My kids always wonder why I take pictures of their feet on 1st day of school now..

  36. Daisy

    Awesome shoes! Have a great school year – all of you.

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