I don’t know how this happened…

By Mir
July 31, 2013

… but school starts next week. I mean, that should be illegal, right?

Monkey is embarking on his last year of middle school (!!!) and Chickadee will be a sophomore at the high school. I… may need a moment here. It never seems to matter that I’ve been with them for their whole lives, the fact that they’re lurching towards adulthood always surprises me. Like, isn’t he just four or five? And she’s only seven or eight, I swear.

Anyway. The back-to-school dance feels a little more serious this year, so of course I wrote about it for Alpha Mom. We have some big decisions to make, soon. And really, how am I supposed to do that when my kids have rudely grown up against my explicit instructions??

[Unrelated, but kind of not: Yesterday marked a milestone that delighted even Mr. I Never Want To Grow Up, maybe because it struck him as hilarious. Guess who’s now taller than his therapist? Summer growth spurts are amazing things.]


  1. suzie

    My older daughter starts her senior year in high school this year. I’m starting to hold onto each day with a slightly-unhealthy death grip.

  2. Deb

    My youngest is now a Senior… In college!!!!
    I don’t understand how I got so old!

  3. Eileen

    It was a big deal when my son was taller than his therapist too. Hilarious. Even funnier when we ran into his 2nd grade teacher who he was assigned to because of his “authoritative quality” (aka penis) and my son was taller than him too. By a lot.

    My oldest starts HS and youngest starts middle school. And I’ve scheduled a crisis that includes kickboxing and match.com.

  4. js

    My baby (yes, she is my baby. I just brought her home from the hospital, yesterday, alright?!) is starting middle school. Middle school- where the girl cliques will ruin her sweet little sensitive soul. We’re bra shopping, for God’s sake! I’m not ready- she’s not ready. Why yes, that is panic you hear in my voice. She still likes me right now, but I know that’s going to change. Maybe I am holding on a little too tight right now, but I’m gonna hold that kiddo as long as she’ll let me. It goes. SO. fast.

  5. Rachel

    I’m horrified that my kids (older 2 the same grades as yours) are growing so fast. My youngest is entering 4th grade, which is at the town-wide upper elementary school, so she’s left her little K-1 and 2-3 schools. *sneefle*

    I’m even more horrified, though, that school is starting so early. I’m blocking my ears and going “la la la la” about all the back-to-school stuff. We’ve only been out a month! We still have a month left! Bah, everyone should start the day after Labor Day. Period. Bah.

  6. Heather

    I still think of your kids as that age too – because that’s when I started reading ;)

  7. Monica

    We discovered as our kids were growing up, the root problem was their insistence on having a birthday every SINGLE year. I mean, who would want that?

    Now that they are in their 20’s I’m over the angst about them growing up because I really like the adults they’ve turned into. I wouldn’t mind occasional regressions to their toddlerhood but I kind of like where we are.

  8. SillyMe

    huh. I thought it was about an actual school dance. I kept thinking, yeah, but what about the dance? I’m going to bed now.

  9. L.

    My daughter and I were shoe shopping a couple of years ago…..when she called “MoOOooOOmm!” I DID NOT SEE her because I was looking around for my 8 year old, not the gorgeous adult she grew up to be…..it was startling to say the least!

  10. Pip

    Your kids seem to have grown up very quickly to me too, although to be fair I did start reading your blog at some point in the last year (when Varda from The Squashed Bologna linked to your blog) and then I read the whole thing in a month, so your kids aged like nine years in 30 days for me.

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