Two+ loose ends tied up with… something

By Mir
July 19, 2013
Category Detritus

Once again, life is boring. WE LOVE BORING. Boring is awesome. But not all that great when it comes to blogging material. Still, I’ll take it over less boring. Good for me, not as interesting for you. Let me make it up to you with some zucchini brownies I made. What? You can’t taste them through the blog? Fine, here’s two things I bet have been keeping you up at night (I mean, surely) that I can resolve for you:

Thing the first! I love it when People Have Opinions on stuff I’m dumb about. I read all of your beauty product suggestions and being cheap, decided I really wanted to try the Drew Barrymore Flower BB cream stuff… only to discover that my local Wal-Borg DOESN’T CARRY IT. Woe! Despair! Well, a bunch of you also recommended Bare Minerals and other mineral powder things, so somehow I ended up with some Neutrogena Mineral Powder Foundation For Super Sensitive-ish Skin on that trip, and it’s SO NATURAL LOOKING you can’t even tell I’m wearing ANYTHING. (In other words, it’s useless. Covers nothing.) I am going to try to make it to Target to scout out some of your suggestions there, but it sounds like I need to make a trip into the Big City for a Sephora or Ulta type store. BUT I also bought some Olay/Cover Girl Simply Ageless Undereye Concealer (based on your recommendations) and THAT I like very much. So thank you.

Thing the second! Turns out that the lumps under the pool liner were actually not rocks, but “normal accumulation of something something technical.” (I paid a lot of attention to the explanation, as you can tell.) A guy came and felt around and then dove into the deep end with a mallet and pounded the lumps flat again. Our long national pool nightmare may finally be over. For now. (Maybe; it’s still raining every day so we don’t really know if it’s still leaking or not. Fun!)

Bonus thing (thing the second-point-five?) Summer math is DONE, grades are IN, and I mailed Chickie’s guidance counselor to make sure her schedule was properly revised. Between the math class and a bit of a curriculum mismatch between the semester(ish) she did up north, her desired scheduled has apparently been rendered… impossible. So that’s delightful. Fortunately she is so busy/tired with band camp at the moment, the inevitable freak-out over that has been postponed, at least temporarily.

As you were. Or come over here for brownies. Either way.


  1. SJ

    This “boring” was amusing. I CONFESS I LOLED. Thanks. I’m doing Dr. Jart’s bb cream which I feel like won’t match come December when I am pasty again…

  2. TracyB


  3. Jodifur has flower.

    • Mir

      Shade 1 (which I assume is what I need) is out of stock every time I look. The BB gods hate me, clearly.

      • carrie on

        You might try to find it on E-bay.

      • jodifur

        Shade 1 was out of stock at the Walmart I went to too. It must be the most popular. So was the primer, which I really want to try.

  4. Jenn

    I had never heard of BB cream until your post, and suddenly, without even looking for it, it’s everywhere. What the…?

  5. Chuck

    Brownies for all!

  6. TC

    Since when do you not buy everything online!?! Brick and mortar store is out so you give up? WHO ARE YOU???? ;-)

    • Mir

      I know, it seems incomprehensible. But makeup is WEIRD and comes in a million colors, and I have to SEE IT before I buy it. This is why I can’t just buy the good stuff from Sephora online because I have to figure out the color in person before I can buy online. I NEED A MAKEUP FAIRY.

  7. Katherine

    Good luck with Chickie’s schedule. I hope they come up with something reasonable to her and you. I had an impossible schedule one year in high school, which we changed about a month into school, when solution one turned out to be unreasonable. My mom intervened when I cam e home ranting about one particular class every day and basically shut down in that class. Solution 2 had me sitting in one a regular history class while actually taking the AP version of that class. Rather interesting to work that out, but way better than the previous schedule.

    Hope you can use the pool soon. It hasn’t rained here for almost 2 whole days. Amazing!

  8. kapgaf

    Oh please please give me some boring. I am too old for drama and that’s all I’m getting right now. I’d give anything to have boring and worry about make-up (well, no, not really anything, probably something that I might vaguely miss – like my broken blender or that vase that was given to me by someone who had no idea what my taste is).

    Yes, I’ve heard of BB cream and am so interested that I have forgotten what BB stands for since your post about make-up although I do remember that you also mentioned CC cream so I’m now wondering if there was AA cream before the BB cream and what will be the next in the series once we reach ZZ cream? See, I love boring, it takes my mind off drama and I can do boring for hours. I could probably bore for France ….

    But a pool man diving in with a mallet (underwater whack-a-mole ?) doesn’t sound boring at all.

    Anyway, good luck with schedules, non-rain-filled pool and the search for new make-up.

    Embrace the boring (actually, that sounds quite rude – see, I do boring AND rude)

  9. Mary K. in Rockport

    I don’t really understand how the pool man could raise a mallet underwater and strike down with any force, but what do I know.
    Yay for Olay/Cover Girl Undereye Concealer – it’s a great product at covering up all kinds of things besides undereyes so I can only presume that they’ll stop making it pretty soon. Get a lifetime supply and store it in the fridge! Meanwhile, my beloved Cover Girl eyeliner pencil, the only thing that doesn’t make my eyes sting and weep, is no longer to be found in stores. Cover Girl (owned by Proctor and Gamble which I only found out today) insists that they still make this product and that I can buy it online. The online store had…….. 3 left………in the whole universe. Somewhere there is a carton of these things, and I want them. Cobalt Blue if anyone wants to know.

  10. Brigitte

    Too bad pool-guy wasn’t all hot in his shirtless form . . . leastaways, I’m assuming he wasn’t, because a really hot guy diving into your pool would have been totally blog-worthy.

  11. victoria

    so what DOES pool guy wear – a wet suit,a speedo, what??

    • Mir

      Swim trunks. And a lot of tattoos.

  12. Korinthia Klein

    Well, your version of boring still made me laugh out loud.

  13. DreA

    I used Aveeno tinted moisturizer for a while until well, I don’t know until what. Until I stopped. You spurred me into action though, and I went to Sephora where they pressed this wand on my face and told me to get Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Dark Spot Correcting. I like it. Thanks, Mir!

  14. jen

    Right now I am loving the base from Tarte (Sephora), but if you are interested in Mineral foundation I highly recommend Everyday Minerals. They are much cheaper than the “big brand” mineral makeup, their brushes are amazing, and they are local to where I live (even though I order online, I still feel like I’m supporting small business).

    You can use their free trial sizes of things to make sure you are getting a good color match.

  15. Dezi Nance


  16. mamalang

    I’m about to enter into scheduling hell with my daughter. I’m scared. :)

  17. nicole

    I think we’re getting an Ulta in that new shopping center so you may not have to venture to the big city after all.

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