Now we need a new motto

By Mir
July 2, 2013

Monkey is home again! You may not know this, but I really, really like that kid. He’s swell. He’s also funny and extremely good-looking (in my completely unbiased opinion, of course). And I have a real weakness for humans who used to live inside my body.

That said, our family motto when it comes to playing games has long been, “It’s not a game until someone’s crying.” And… well, let’s not mince words: It’s usually Monkey. True, he’s the youngest, and yes, when you’re Mr. Rules it can be hard to accept that there’s an element of chance (or a rule you don’t like), but it’s made me into someone who gives a little involuntary shudder when someone suggests we should play a game.

Until now, that is. Monkey is home, and this week on Alpha Mom I’m sharing about an unexpected Scrabble surprise from him. (Have I mentioned how much I like that kid? SO MUCH.)


  1. Karen R

    Yay, Monkey!

  2. Aimee

    Love it! What a great way to handle it, and it sounds like you and Chickadee made a great tag-team, there.

  3. Crissy

    Your post over there? It made my eyes wet. Good job, Mom. On the game and on the post.

  4. Kana

    Awww, a manly handshake from your sweet gangly man-boy! Whattaguy! <3

  5. Chuck

    I remember getting in a huge argument with my father over Trivial Pursuit. We usually only played games when we were on vacation. His problem was, if he knew the answer but it wasn’t his turn, he had no problem blurting out what it was while you were trying to think of it. Drove me up a wall. After a shouting match, I think we never tried playing that particular game again…

    • Frank

      Our problem with Trivial Pursuit was this: what do you do when an answer has changed since the publication of that particular version of the game… like Home Runs in a season, or most Academy Award nominations?

  6. Heather

    You guys should play Anomia. Because I like it. (I figure that makes as much sense as any other justification of a game suggestion :P )

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