The joy of poppin’ tags

By Mir
June 12, 2013

This week over at Alpha Mom, I’ve written about the best way to go thrifting with your teen. It does not include any information about my daughter’s penchant for going straight for the neon-green hooker heels and dancing around in them declaring, “I’M A PRETTY LAYDEEEEEEEE!” (which, now that I think of it, seems like a glaring omission). I did, however, manage to piss off a commenter pretty much immediately, because when I say “this is the rule in our family,” OBVIOUSLY what I am saying is “I am judging you for doing anything differently and you should get really mad and leave me an angry comment.”

Oh, Internet. Never change! It’s okay, I can soothe my battered soul over at Goodwill.


  1. Mandy

    Becca obviously has a bug up her ass. Those internet peeps…. Man, I got *slammed* so hard when I posted about a terrible experience with Delta. The comments were so hateful I had to delete the thing and still the comments linger with me, because I perseverate like that.

    My little is 5, and when I’ve attempted to go thrifting with him, it’s all: TOYS TOYS BOOKS! So, I go solo. : )

  2. Lucinda

    You mean all these years I’ve been reading your blogs, I was supposed to be doing things exactly the way you do them????? Uh Oh. Guess I missed that memo. I hate when that happens.

  3. diane

    Confession: I skipped straight to the comments just to see what kind of lunacy came out this time. I am always impressed and feel I can learn from how calmly and gracefully you handle the nasty.

  4. JennyA

    I wonder what that commenter would say if she knew you wantonly plant mint in your garden. MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNT!!!!!

    • Mir


  5. Morgaine Fey

    Oh. My. God. You got a pissy comment over urging people to invest in STRAPLESS BRAS. That is like, winning the internet. Also, as a proud owner of some very fine D’s and friends who own sets big enough to brazenly stare at as they jiggle past, you can TOTALLY find a strapless bra in any size.

    Lazy and easily annoyed, me thinks.

    ::Jiggle, jiggle::

    • Jessica

      As someone who is excessively endowed (let’s just say that my American bra size is the same letter as my first name), I haven’t found a strapless bra that I can actually wear comfortably. That said, however, I am a long-follower of the “no visible underwear” rule that Mir talks about, so I just do not wear things that will show my underwear. Voila! That was so freaking easy! I really don’t care that I can’t wear strapless bras, and I invest in fashion tape for other issues that are easily fixable. No need to be offended by the “buy a strapless bra, ladies.” If you can’t find a comfy one, then just don’t wear items where you need one. Done. :~)

      (I just looked ahead and Mary Fran has summed up my philosophy pretty succinctly!)

  6. StephLove

    Our nearest thrift store is huge, think big box store size, and so poorly organized I get overwhelmed the minute I walk in there. But we go there anyway because the prices can’t be beat. It’s not a recreational activity, though, more something to endure.

  7. BethRD

    I have to admit, one of the reasons I love the thrift shop (or its young-child-friendly cousin the giant consignment sale) is that I can usually allow my child to chose a random item or three she takes a fancy to, as long as I don’t think they’re inappropriate. So I’m not following your ‘know your goal’ rule. Did you hear me? I’M NOT FOLLOWING YOUR RULE. Ha hah aha haha I’m such a rebel.

  8. Myssie1963

    We were at a thrift store recently and while checking out my daughter and I were singing parts of that “Thrift Store” song. The checker huffily informed us that “poppin’ tags” actually means to switch the tag on an item to make it cheaper, and they don’t appreciate that being done. I was a bit taken aback and looked at the song a bit differently after that.

    • js

      It’s a SONG, the way Mir’s comment was a JOKE, thrift shop lady! ;-) The political correctness is as stifling as the occasional smell of mothballs in some thrift stores.

      • Brigitte

        Actually, I Googled it back when, and that was ONE meaning, but it also meant the snapping noise you get when you take off all your thrift store tags at home. So there, neener neener neener! ;-D

  9. js

    Perhaps if the commenter shopped at thrift stores more frequently, she could also buy a sense of humor…

  10. Mary Fran

    Here’s an idea if you can’t find the proper undergarment: Wear a different shirt! Wow, that was so hard to think of. You’re welcome, Becca.

    • CuriousCat

      Exactly what I was thinking!

      And now, I’m REALLY gonna piss her off! If you are so largely endowed (and here I must raise my own hand), those little tops with the little spaghetti straps? They don’t look so good on you, they are meant for girls/women with smaller breasts. Sorry, it sucks to have the largeness upstairs, I know!

  11. Peachy Girl

    Some people live to be offended, especially on-line…trolls!

  12. Napoleon Nalcot

    Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog and I liked what I’m reading. I’d like to say it’s all worth my stumbling upon your site. I also clicked on the link you provided which led me to the article you wrote from your other blog titled “A Guide To Thrifting With Your Teen.” I like it when you said, “I’m trying to teach them the value of money and careful shopping…” I hope all the parents in the world could emulate your example. Shopping could be fun, but it could as well be a learning experience. As you said, “each trip to the thrift store is a learning opportunity.”

  13. Anna

    Oh, what fun! This time, I think, I’ll sit on my hands.

  14. Kristin

    I cannot understand the whole bra strap thing…why do gals want them showing? My rule with my daughter was that if she wore ones with straps that looked like a layered tank top, I was okay with it. But your basic bra strap? That’s just…I mean it degrades the outfit. It was one of my major complaints with Carrie on Sex and the City…she’d have these super cute outfits that might either be sheer in the back or no back and there would be the bra. I suppose it was an accessory to her.

    Regardless, I concur with the others before me. You’ve won the internet. For today at least.

  15. Lisa Kay

    So, I read the title as “…pooping tags…” and thought, “Oh no! What’s happened to them NOW?!?” :)

  16. Heather

    A glaring omission indeed!!

  17. Daisy

    Too much fun – both this set of comments and the one on the other blog! I love thrifting, too. My son had an awful time with jeans for years (think poor fine motor strength and coordination, blind and Asperger’s). I’d buy him jeans from Goodwill because I knew they were already worn in. We would actually try the buttons and zippers before buying.

    My snuggly Lands’ End sweater was a Goodwill find, too. When you get to know the place, it’s amazing.

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