A night out like grownups

By Mir
May 30, 2013

Last night Otto and I went out on a date. A DATE. LIKE ADULTS. It was very exciting, because I don’t know if you know this, but it is very easy to get caught up in work and kids and life and leaky pools (still leaking!) and strawberries and “there’s nothing on TV… oh WAIT, have you seen that Netflix has this ENTIRE SERIES here??” and forget to do things like this whole mythical “nurture your marriage” deal.

Speaking as someone whose second job has become pulling weeds and harvesting snap peas, I often wish I could just water Otto and pull on… wait. This metaphor is going someplace too inappropriate even for me. NEVERMIND.

The point is that I am still very fond of this here guy who keeps stealing the covers at night, and APPARENTLY we need to do more than watch television together to keep our love healthy, or something. So we went out without children.

We went out to dinner and listened to live music and ran into people we knew and had a lovely time. It was a full hour out of the house before Monkey called to complain about Chickie, and just a few text messages after that when order was restored, and they didn’t burn the house down or anything. (Though note that during the show’s intermission I texted Chickie to ask how things were at home, and she replied, “We are deaded.” I told her that was very convenient because it meant we could stay out later, and she was not amused. I cannot imagine why not.)

So we ate delicious food while the children had cookies for dinner, or maybe they actually cooked something else, too, if the state of the kitchen upon our return was any indication. Otto had a big piece of pie and I had a tall drink that was listed as “cherry limeade” but was basically “pink alcohol.” The music was fantastic, the company was great, and my date was totally cute.

At the end of the evening we left, walking hand-in-hand out to the car, talking about how we should really do this sort of thing more often. It’s SO MUCH FUN and why does it seem so hard to schedule these rare nights out? Theoretically the kids are okay on their own for a few hours, so we should really try to make this a more regular thing. We drove home feeling blissful and rejuvenated.

Upon our arrival back home, we found Licorice VERY happy to discover we were still alive, Monkey was in bed, and Chickadee was watching television and scolding us for staying out “so late.” (It was not yet 10:00.) We managed to shoo her off to bed, and then perhaps the evening could’ve continued in its previous cozy vein, except about five minutes later the girlchild was back down the stairs again, rummaging around in the kitchen. It seems that while everything was “fine and totally under control,” no one let the dog out all night. So Licorice just did what she needed to do… in Chickadee’s room.

Kind of a mood-buster. “The Resolve’s under the sink,” I called out, helpfully.

“I’ve got it,” she replied, heading back upstairs.

She came back down again a few minutes later. “Everything all cleaned up?” I asked.

“I’d say it’s all Resolved, but that would be too punny,” she told me, flashing a grin, dumping the cleaning supplies, and twirling back up the stairs again.

Otto and I sat there in companionable silence for a few minutes. “So we can go out, but everything here pretty much… stays the same,” he observed.

Still, I’ll take the night out, even if it ends with dog pee. I mean, I wouldn’t stitch that on a pillow or anything, but you know. This is what passes for romance at our advanced age.


  1. Leandra

    I think I need to know where to get one of these “pink alcohol” drinks. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. As does the date night, for that matter. I’ll take mine without the dog pee, though. (which would be really weird, anyway, considering we don’t have a dog).

  2. Mom101

    I still can’t get past the idea of your kids being old enough to stay home alone and cook dinner (or not). Happy date night. May you have many more.

  3. Katherine

    Its hard to remember sometimes, that yes, my kids are old enough to be left home alone. I’ve even got one with a license. Have no idea how that happened – isn’t he still in middle school?? But no, he snuck all the way to being a senior next year. I joke that we should go out and make him the designated driver, but I’m not ready for him to tackle driving around Decatur back out to our boonies.

    Good on you for going out and may the next time not involve dog pee….

  4. el-e-e

    “Wouldn’t stitch that on a pillow” is one of my favorite phrases. Made me LOL. And way to go, your kids, for not burning anything down! Glad you got out. Thinking I need to schedule something similar.

    • Valerie

      Love that phrase. :)

  5. StephLove

    I am looking forward with breathless anticipation to having children old enough to sit themselves (AND clean up pet messes).

  6. Tracy B

    I just love this! It’s not just me that like pink drinks.

  7. Sharon

    Good for you. We no longer have kids at home and neglect to take advantage of the time we could go out and not worry about them or the house. Every now and then one of us takes the bull by the horns and makes plans, usually for dinner at a favorite pub where we can watch hockey/NCAA basketball/Red Sox. It’s still a date:)

  8. suburbancorrespondent

    She cleaned the mess up herself! She didn’t blame you for being out! Wow!

  9. Korinthia Klein

    Sounds like an amazing evening to me. Glad your date was cute!

  10. Michele

    You wouldn’t need to stitch that on a pillow, because I’d be willing to bet you could just buy one ready made off Etsy.

  11. nicole

    mmm i too need some of that “pink alcohol”

    I totally think you should stitch that on a pillow!

  12. elz

    Your Chickadee is a funny young lady!

  13. Heather

    Just have more pink alcohol ;)

  14. js

    You deserve it! Good for you! Good for Chickie and Monkey, too! I think Monkey was the wisest, being in bed already and all. Sleep is delightful.

    Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but I planted mint because I was spurred on by your gardening posts and now I have no idea what to do with ALL of it! I’m not blaming you, per se, but I do enjoy your recipe posts ;-)

  15. Chickadee

    “I often wish I could just water Otto and pull on…”


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