The beeping; good lord, the beeping

Something kind of exciting happened here this week, and I wrote about it over at Alpha Mom.

I’ll give you a hint: My teenagers are no longer speaking to each other in person using their mouthparts. Our electronic overlords have taken over! And in a weird way, I guess I’m okay with that. Mostly.


  1. Katie K.

    Even if he doesn’t use it much but just feels “cool” for having it, it is worth the $10 a month. So nice that his sister thought of him too.

  2. Frank

    Here’s something… not sure if anyone else is interested… but I am. Ask if they will share what they use for their text and ring tones… love to know what song / noise Monkey chooses… NO biggie if they (or you) choose not to… just curious.

    • Mir

      The sounds they themselves use on their phones? Chickie keeps hers on vibrate all the time, and Monkey picked some stock stuff off the menu (they have LG Xpressions).

      I can tell you that on my phone, though, when Chickie calls it plays “Trouble” by Taylor Swift, and when she texts me it plays Willy Wonka’s ooma-loompa-summoning flute tones. When Monkey calls it plays the theme song to “The Big Bang Theory” and when he texts, Sheldon says, “Bazinga!” Hee.

      • mamaspeak

        Those are pretty much perfect.

  3. 12tequilas

    Okay, so suppose he does lose it (I hope not). What then? Does he get a replacement? My nephews are bad with this too.

    • Mir

      That’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer yet. We’ve never had to replace a phone for loss so I have no idea what it would cost or anything.

  4. Kate

    My own aspie is great with his phone – to my pleasant SHOCK! He has never totally list it, though it did fall out of his pocket one day and get run over on the street, it still works and he still uses it.

    The best thing turned out to be what a great and FUNNY communicator he is by text. His dad and I always marvel at his wit and timing via text … Gifts that don’t come through the “normal” verbal way. I will not be the least bit surprised to find he gets a girlfriend via the Internet! It has been well worth the $$ to provide him this tool!

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