The opposite of silent night

By Mir
December 24, 2012

First: Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm on Chickadee’s post. Her head no longer fits through doorways, and she has proclaimed every one of you to be “totally cool.”

Second: I am rightthissecond eavesdropping on a giggle-filled sibling session of LEGO Lord of the Rings on the Wii. Maybe I’m over-romanticizing because I’ve missed these sounds so much, but I really do think the kids hadn’t realized how much they missed each other. I want to freeze this moment in time, even if it is punctuated with Chickie screeching and Monkey laughing so hard he keeps doing things like accidentally throwing quest items into the river (which makes her screech more, which makes him laugh harder, which… you get the idea).

Third: Merry Christmahanukwanzakah to all. I hope you are feeling as blessed and happy as I am right now.


  1. MitMoi

    Awww – and to all a good night!

  2. Denise

    Chickadee’s post made me weepy. This post makes me weepy.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. EXACTLY. Which also makes me weepy.


  3. Korinthia

    Happy Everything. What a nice end to a rough year. Enjoy!

  4. Little Bird

    Yay! A truly happy post! Happy Whatever Floats Your Boat!!!

  5. Christine H

    So happy that you have your family under one roof. Happiness, joy, and peace to you. And here’s wishing a much better 2013.

  6. Lucinda

    Merry Christmas. It really is all about the kids! Glad all of yours are home.

  7. liv

    happy tears for you. i’d say have a merry Christmas, but it sounds like you already are. :)

  8. Cheyenna

    Merry everything! Love to you all.

  9. Elizabeth

    Merry Christmas! So grateful that things are going well!

  10. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Those squeals of happiness from your house are warming my heart so much too. Happy and merry and joyous everything to you & yours. And hoping that 2013 is the anti-2012 for you guys! xoxoxo

  11. karen

    It’s a beautiful thing :-)

  12. Beth R

    Sniff! Darn allergies :)

    Merry Christmas to you, too, and here’s hoping for a HAPPY new year!

  13. Holly Gault

    You deserve that. Happy Christmas and smoooooooooooooooth 2013.

  14. Gaylin

    Happy Holidays and Merry Joyous sibling noise!!!!

  15. Barbara

    Merry Happiness!!

  16. Jeanie

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mir.

  17. Jen

    Blessings to everyone under your roof, Mir. :)

  18. TracyB


  19. laura

    My crew arrived, ate, and are now off to ‘elf’ for my sisters’ families. I’m preparing round two of holiday treats.
    There is NOTHING like family at Christmas, so glad you have a full house tonight!

  20. El-e-e

    God bless!! Happy night. :)

  21. Nancy R

    Merry Christmas, Mir!

  22. jadine

    Merry Christmas to you :)

  23. addy

    Happy Christmas to you and yours Mir. Enjoy the noise!

  24. Nicole

    well deserved happiness indeed, happy everything to you and yours :)

  25. Brian B.

    Sounds like a sweet end to a tough year. Savor it. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  26. Kate

    Merry Christmas, Sweet “Friend”! Enjoy this time with your whole little family!

    I was just thinking about you on our drive home tonight and how happy I will be for you when 2013 Begins!! Bring it on!!

    Love to you and yours!

  27. kapgaf

    Long may your happiness continue. Sparkly reindeer farts (they replace unicorns at Christmas) and jingle bells and ho ho ho!

  28. Carrie on

    The best part is that we have less than a week til the new year!

  29. Stimey

    What a wonderful thing. I’m glad you had that.

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