Exercising my whine muscles

By Mir
December 11, 2012

So hey, the weirdest thing happened. Remember back when we did that group fitness challenge thing three years ago and I lost weight and cleaned my house and generally became shiny and new? That was awesome. And I was skinny.

And then time marched on and I stopped exercising and resumed eating everything I could cram into my mouth, and I am no longer shiny OR skinny, which really seems unfair. I mean, why shouldn’t I be fit and trim even though I completely neglect to do anything that might make me so? IT’S UN-AMERICAN, THAT’S WHAT IT IS!

It’s also what I’m talking about over at Feel More Better, today. Because me and my elliptical need to make up, or I need to come up with a new plan. Help?


  1. Korinthia Klein

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I hate exercise. It’s not even that I totally hate the actual exercise but I resent the time it takes up and all I can think about while I’m doing it is that I’d rather not be doing it. But I’ve been making myself go swim every day. (Well, every day but Saturday because the pool opens late and work opens early.) I have a treadmill in the house, and I always think I should be able to make myself do crunches or some godawful thing, but for me I have to leave. If I’m in the house I just see things that need to get done. But if I make myself go all the way to the pool I may as well just swim the mile and get it over with. I’m not even getting the benefit of losing any weight because I’m having trouble grappling with the food end of the equation right now, but I know I need to exercise so I simply schedule it and don’t give myself an out. I drop the kids off at school and drive straight to the Y. I really envy those people who looooove to run and such. They are usually the same people who looooove vegetables more than pie. I do not understand those people.

  2. Lou

    Look into kettlebells. :)

  3. Kelly

    I am a reluctant exercise-doer for sure. Other than tennis – I can do that all day long. Can you find a beginning tennis team?
    I did start training for 5k in August and successfully ran on in October – key to that was it was with a friend. If she wasn’t there, I did not run…
    We are now aiming for color run in Atlanta in April. http://thecolorrun.com/atlanta/ – and I think kids will join us. I mean they throw paint on you. :)

  4. Megan

    I used to be a really reluctant exerciser-for-exercise alone. I mean, I’d go on a hike or mountain bike or rock climb or whatever quite happily, but jump on a flippin’ machine that doesn’t even go anywhere?? Oh no. I think I had this feeling in my head that I’d exercised one, so I could check that off my list and be done. Forever.

    My mum’s like that about buying just about anything. But I already BOUGHT that once, why do I have to buy it again?

  5. Genevieve

    Wii boxing is the one exercise I find really fun. And therapeutic. Because, punching.

  6. Brigid

    A friend posted that she was having bad health issues from certain foods and it turned out she needed to have her gall bladder removed. I immediately started a mental list of what organs I didn’t “need” and would gladly trade to be able to eat whatever the hell I want to like I did for the first 30 years of my life. Or I could exercise. Still deciding.

  7. bryan

    Color Run sounds fabulous. I think I will start training! (Yes, seriously, because I don’t exercise, so I don’t think I could do 3 miles.)

  8. Mame

    I’m not one of those people who love to exercise but I do know that I feel better when I do. Something that helps me is I wear a fitbit, a glorified pedometer. I try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

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