Various super-important updates

By Mir
November 29, 2012
Category Detritus

1) Yesterday I found out that the hulking, terrifying mass which has become my gimpy hand is apparently “perfectly normal.” Well, that’s a relief. I was getting tired of waiting for an alien to burst forth from the scar. But, uh, I kind of miss the days when my hand looked like a hand, y’know? So I am now on a strict regimen of weirdo anti-inflammatory treatments via battery-powered patch. Really. I have to drive over to the orthopedist’s office every other day to have said patch slapped over my hand/wrist. Thank goodness I’m a lady of leisure and don’t have anything else to… oh. Crap.

2) Are you taking the Little Drummer Boy Challenge? It amuses me. Though it amused me more before Monkey’s doctor’s office knocked me out about fifteen minutes ago. IT IS NOT EVEN DECEMBER. I PROTEST.

3) We have our favorite Visiting Dog at the house right now, and last night I woke up certain I was having a hot flash. I wasn’t. I was, however, having two dogs laying on top of me, both eager to show the other that they could have me. It’s nice to be loved…? Kind of? But also sort of sweaty.

4) I have a new post up over at Feel More Better, all about my very first car (which wasn’t a car at all, actually, but a truck). You know how I like reminiscing about the old days, and then waving my cane at the young’uns and telling them to get off my lawn. Come on over and tell me about your first ride, if you like.


  1. Stimey

    It turn out that I was playing the Little Drummer Boy challenge and didn’t even know it. Also? I’m winning.

    That’s kind of a bummer about having to go to your doctor every other stupid day. Then again, “normal hand” are good words!

  2. Susan Getgood

    Great news on the hand.
    Sadly I can’t play the Little Drummer Boy Challenge as I am sure I’ve already heard it. And besides, I actually like the Bing/Bowie version.

  3. Arnebya

    I think I was kicked out of the LDBC on the day after Thanksgiving (as in THE DAY IT STARTED). My ears remain unhappy.

  4. Sara

    I was knocked out yesterday by Bob Seeger. The ba&%@#*. That song is the WORST!! Although I did hear a Marlene Dietrich version on the radio once and I thought it was Madeline Kahn doing Lilly von Schtupp. It was so bad that I immediately loved it.

  5. LDBC

    Thanks for the plug, and condolences on the doctor’s-office fatality. It’s a dirty business, this Challenge, but we are better for partaking in the noble struggle.

    (I’ll add Arnebya and Sara to the Wall of the Fallen, and yes, everyone’s playing, even the unaware. Especially the unaware, actually.)

  6. Liza

    So excited to learn about, and be winning, the Little Drummer Boy Challenge. However, I now have severely horrible earworm, and I am blaming you.

  7. Valerie

    I am so out of touch these days, I had to google the Little Drummer Boy Challenge. Only now looking back do I see how you conveniently provided a link, you really are a giver.

    I am finally grasping some energy for myself and reentering blog world – I have kept up with reading only 1 blog (yours, yay me!), so thanks for providing phenomenal perspective and humor. I was 17 in 1989 too!!! We are like twins! Ok, not really.

    Anyway, until it get my ass completely back in gear, please continue to provide little snapshots of the real world so I can be prepared for life’s bigger challenges, like the Little Drummer Boy Challenge and hurricanes and stuff like that. Mir, you really are very fun and very cool and you swear in all the good spots with bravado and I like it. Have a happy holiday just ’cause you can. Cheers!

  8. aem2

    I was going to say, before LIza beat me to it: does it count if you hear it because it’s now an earworm? At least I have the Crosby/Bowie version going through my head.

    Otherwise, still winning.

  9. Sheila

    Like I needed another reason to cry when I heard that song. (Ah, well. I’m in.)

  10. laura

    Hey, I am totally winning the Little Drummer Boy Challenge.
    I have been listening to a whole lot of TransSiberian Orchestra. Love it loud, love it soft and especially love not listening to them re-making little drummer boy.

  11. Brigid

    Winning! I’m ultra-competitive. I might just wear ear plugs until Christmas.

  12. diane

    Thanks for the head’s up on the LDBC! I’m in. I’ll take any levity I can during the holiday season.

  13. Korinthia Klein

    Ugh, your hand story give me nightmares! If I ruined one of my hands I don’t know what I’d do (I guess besides look for new work). Hope the anti-inflammatory meds work.

  14. StephLove

    When I read this yesterday, I thought, I don’t think I have heard “The Little Drummer Boy” this year and then later in the day my daughter put on a Christmas CD and whoosh, I was out.

  15. Aimee

    Well, I’ve already heard The Little Drummer Boy more than once, so I guess I’m out. Oh well.

    I’m glad your hand is normal. I too am supporting the orthopedists of America with my stupid back issues. In case you were thinking about getting a herniated disc for Christmas, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  16. Little Bird

    I somehow survived a trip to Walmart (emergency circumstances, please forgive me) and I still remain in the game. Doubt I will survive the weekend though.

  17. Amanda

    LOVE the Little Drummer Boy Challenge! So far, I’m still in it. Of course that could end at any moment since I spend so much time in Target.

  18. Little Bird

    I’m out. Just walked into the local mall, had a split second to register that I might hear the song, and….. It was already playing.

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