Don’t forget to remember

By Mir
October 23, 2012

Oh hey, I almost forget to tell you that I’m over at Feel More Better, today, wondering how to remember the right things. It seems like we too often forget the good stuff, while many times what we’d happily forget forever just refuses to leave our memory banks.

I haven’t figured it out. I mean, other than simply wishing to have a memory like a dog—time passes quickly when things are bad, and happy feelings seem to trump all. That seems like a pretty good deal.


  1. Korinthia Klein

    The topic of which things we remember has been on my mind lately, too. I wrote recently about how every few years I relearn how to make a paper crane, and each time I think it will stick and it doesn’t. I have no idea why some things stay with me and others don’t.

  2. Jenni in KS

    This is why I scrapbook! Because I’m more likely to have the good in my pictures than the bad and so when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the bad, I can look back through the good.

  3. Audrey

    We were just talking about this last night. Neither of us can remember our youngest son’s first word. Years from now, he’s going to ask us, and we have no idea. I know it was something good like cookie or chocolate, but I’m going to have to make it up now. Darn it.

  4. michele

    Nothing is what we ‘think’, which includes our memory and things like amnesia. We recall only what is intended for our experience. Some, like the actress Marilu Henner, can recall nearly everything about their entire life. Others, very little, regardless if events were “good” or “bad”. A few years ago I had a near-fatal brain injury, had amnesia, and recall nothing from that period. Is it important? I don’t know. I was alone, now have severe disease and health issues due to the trauma, and can not remember what happened to share with doctors, etc. Oh well. It matters not. Live in the moment.

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