Meanwhile, from up north

By Mir
October 19, 2012

Chickadee is finishing up her first week of classes at her new school, and so far, so good. She doesn’t tell me much, but I am trying to step back a little, plus I am often all doped up when we talk. She did mention wanting to use the x-ray of the hardware in my hand as her screen wallpaper, which I’m gathering to mean that breaking my hand in a really stupid way is—in her eyes—the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Her father was kind enough to send along the obligatory first-day picture:

Those combat boots could use a little polish, but that’s okay. Keep flying, girly.


  1. Fairly Odd Mother

    Oh, that is sweet of her dad to send that photo to continue the tradition. Hope she’s doing okay. And you too Miss Metal Finger.

  2. Anna Marie

    I’m so happy she’s doing well! Maybe a few narcotics are just what you needed to get through the first week. :)

  3. Genevieve

    Really glad to hear she’s doing well. Great first day pic – stylin’.

  4. liz

    What they all said. And hugs.

  5. not supergirl

    So nice to see that picture!

  6. Patricia

    Oh to have been a fly on the wall during that photo session.
    “Yes, Dad, my feet. You have to get a shot of my shoes.”
    “really? Are you serious?”
    “Yes, you just HAVE to. Now get it right….Come on this is SERIOUS.”
    “Ok, fine. Is that good enough?”
    “Not really, but I guess it will do….are you sure you don’t want to take just one more…..with FEELING this time.”
    “Not so much, but thanks.”
    “Geez…You are so lame, Dad. But can you send this off to Mom NOW….she NEEDS it…and I’m off to school.”

    Please don’t ever tell me that it didn’t go like that — unless there was MORE eye-rolling.

  7. karen

    Love those very cool boots! No polish needed, it adds to the vibe.

    So glad to hear all is going well, and hope you’re not in too much pain with all that hardware.

  8. Lucinda

    Her posing for that photo says everything. Here’s to good drugs and interesting conversations that you can’t remember. Hope you heal quickly.

  9. magpiemusing

    cool boots. glad she’s doing well, and i hope your hand is better soon.

  10. Susan

    Love her choices – the whimsy, the strapped ‘n wrapped kickass boots – there’s poetic justice and bravery galore right there. Stand tall and stride on, courageous kiddo!

  11. Kim

    Look, if anyone deserves to be legitimatey doped up for a day or two, it’s you. Enjoy the ride.

  12. el-e-e

    Ahhh. Order is restored. Those boots are awesome!

    I hope you’re healing up! It’s a nice day for a big dose of Vitamin D – hope you can take advantage!

  13. Korinthia Klein

    Cute boots! I think you should make your x-ray into actual wallpaper.

  14. deva

    Cute boots! and leggings! I’m glad you got the first day of school shoe shot. Order is restored for sure :-).

    I have never broken anything but once, we thought I had broken my middle finger (I slammed it in the car door hard enough it swelled up and I couldn’t bend it). Somewhere in my medical records is an x-ray of me – of course, flpping the machine the bird. The grandma-like lady demonstrated for me how it needed to look.

    all of that to say, x-rays are cool. the circumstances surrounding yours, however, are not cool.

  15. Loth

    I hate to disagree with you, but those boots do not need polish. Those boots get cooler the less they are polished.

  16. liv

    i’ve been wondering how her week has been going — thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Little Bird

    I think you should make the x-rays into wall sconces. I petitioned the doctor for my X-rays when I rollerbladed into a tree.
    LOVE the boots!!!

  18. Rachel

    Love the boots! My almost 16 yo girlie would love to have those in her collection! =)

  19. KarenP

    Glad you got the picture, cool boots! Happy she is adjusting well to her new school.

  20. Jamie

    Fingers crossed this is the beginning of a great school year for Chickie and that she doesn’t feel like falling back into the destructive ways. 2013, get here soon!!!!!!

  21. brigitte

    I covet those boots, and the more beat up they are, the cooler they look! Unless she finds out middle-aged ladies older than her mama like them, in which case they are instantly uncool. ;-)

  22. Mary K. in Rockport

    Your readers are glad to get an update. Those are some boots; I assume styles vary somewhat in different parts of the country, especially in the high school culture. I suspect the boots are supposed to be a little broken-in looking.

  23. Scottsdale Girl

    I WANT TO WEAR BOOTS but…still 90 something degrees here in Hell, *sigh*

    Yay for narcotics and first days of school! Wait, that doesn’t sound right.


  24. Lulu

    Well, those are some kick-ass boots (they don’t need no stinking polish)! Good for Chickadee (and her dad)! And good for for you. Hang in there, dear, and take those pain meds on schedule, _before_ you start hurting!

  25. Mandy

    I’m glad bio-dad took and shared the pic. And everything else Lucinda (above) said!

  26. Chris

    Love the boots. Thanks for the photo and the update. You never know with teenagers but I hope Chickie gets some sort of encouragement – no matter how slight- from the other people out in the world who really want to see her footwear.

  27. Sheppitsgal

    Wow – I am 40 and I WANT THOSE BOOTS!

    Unfortunately, fat ankles make boot wearing impossible :(

    Hope your finger isn’t too sore and you are managing to keep busy.

  28. Cindy

    …my monthly catch up. I have to laugh because your broken finger and pins and screws and Chickies boots are just plain uplifting! :) Bless and keep you. :)))

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