You are all delicious

By Mir
September 5, 2012

Thank you for yesterday—for the recipes, for the lack of judgment when I admitted how very low I had somehow managed to sink, for the encouragement. I remain grateful for all of you.

I now have a new subfolder in my recipes folder, called Sweet Potato Riot. This amuses me. I can’t wait to try more of the ideas y’all gave me. Yesterday I ended up starting to make stock (I just happened to have a turkey carcass in my freezer; doesn’t everyone?) for soup and then I remembered that it was 95 degrees outside and that I didn’t want soup. I froze the stock and made a sweet potato hash (suggested by one of you! though I just threw one together rather than following a recipe) (onions caramelized in some bacon, then sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, green pepper, and sage/salt/pepper added to it and fried up), then topped it with poached eggs. The perfect comfort dinner! And now I only have 100-something more recipes to go.

And now, back to pushing onward. I’m over at Feel More Better today, talking about the best way I know to find lost happiness. Time for me to get back on that particular horse. I’ll bring the sweet potatoes.


  1. amy


  2. Victoria

    Glad today is better :)

  3. Tricia

    I couldn’t make it through the whole yamapalooza on the other post, but I thought I’d add this here: Sweet potatoes love blue cheese. Take any sweet potato recipe (okay, use your judgment) and add blue cheese. Because blue cheese has healing enzymes that make you feel indulged, satisfied, and ready to take on the world.

  4. diane

    Sweet potato riot and yamapalooza were my smiles for the day. Thanks, Mir. :)

  5. Megan

    Mmmm… Tricia just made my mouth water!

    And the out-pouring of love and recipes (and love via recipes) made my heart sing yesterday. Your readers ROCK.

  6. Chris


  7. Mary K. in Rockport

    Your suggestion is a good and worthy one, but I am so flatly deflated with this Medicaid battle, that if I even brush my teeth, that’s a good day.

  8. Crisanne

    Love you, Mir.

  9. Arnebya

    Sweet Potato Riot is all I needed this afternoon, so know that this lifting up thing we all have going is reciprocal. Also, it’s still pushing 98 here too and I totally had soup yesterday.

  10. Mandy


    I think you might have a talent in naming bands: Tampon Lemonade, Sweet Potato Riot, and (from Tricia, who was obviously influenced by your wit), Yampalooza.

    Just an observation.


  11. Heather

    That sounds yummy! Also, I want to have a band called Sweet Potato Riot.

  12. TC

    Can I ask why sweet potato recipes only? Do you have a sweet potato surplus of some kind?

  13. Mir

    I had some sweet potatoes I wanted to use up, that’s all. :)

  14. Rocky Mountain Woman

    Hi sweet potaro,

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I’ve lost a child (heart attack, 30 , left three little ones). It is pain beyond. Words.

    I’ve learned a bit about grieving and loss is loss. You’re grieving the loss of your daughter’s well being. Be easy on yourself, you’re fragile. Wish i could give you a real hug, but i guess a virtual one will have to do,



  15. elz

    I’m so glad everyone else had sweet potato recipes to give you b/c all I could think to give you was the recipe for tasty margaritas! They’re REALLY tasty.

  16. Cindy

    About once a week I check in and read all your new stuff. Family “Mir” is in my prayers. Hey, I have a prayer tree too- I’ll make your tag, tie it on, and the wind will carry heartfelt goodness to the universe. notice the breeze. you are all loved.

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