The hits keep on comin’

By Mir
August 3, 2012
Category Woohoo!

Otto’s car isn’t salvageable, unless you count “costing as much money to fix it as the car is worth” as salvageable, which I do not.

Monkey is on day two of a Mysterious Fever, which today came with a bonus Mysterious Rash.

And yet… my folks have arrived, and my office currently houses Wave Two of the great tampon lemonade project, ready for delivery tomorrow.

Twenty-four more boxes of goodies for the girls. Know what? It’s better than a working car. [Bonus: My dad turned to Monkey this morning and said, “What do you think of all these donations, Monkey?” and even though he was laying on the couch being pitiful he said, “My mom collects tampons and IT’S CREEPY.” So fever or no, he seems fine. Heh.]


  1. deva

    that right there is a lot of tampon lemonade.

  2. laura

    Once again, Monkey is awesome. AND everyone else involved in the tampon brigade.

  3. amy

    That’s AWESOME! :P

  4. Scottsdale Girl

    LOL! Creepy. What’s the old saying? “Never trust anything that bleeds for a week and lives?” Heh.

  5. Suzy

    Amazing. I hope people keep it going, maybe in their own communities – I am sure there are hospitals or women’s shelters everywhere that could use tampons, et all too. In fact I think Tampon Lemonade would be a great name for a non-profit to collect and distribute such supplies.

  6. Nil zed

    Suzy: it’s a challenge. I posted much the same thing but have done no follow up. I will if you will.

  7. Tracy B

    So glad your parents are there! And even happier that the Lemonade aid stands still continues. Hope Monkey gets better and Otto finds the perfect vehicle!

  8. Lindy

    If you’re playing army men you can take the tampons out of their applicator thingies and they make great bombs

  9. victoria

    A sense of humour is a good sign he’s on the mend ;)

  10. Little Bird

    If you really want to throw Monkey for a loop, tell him that a mensturation museum exists. A tribute to feminine hygiene.

  11. Laura B

    Monkey may have Roseola. My girl had it last summer. 5 days of fever and lethargy along with a rash. Then it went away. Good luck!

  12. RuthWells

    Tomorrow is the 5-week anniversary of onset of Garrick’s come-and-go full-body hives, which I’ve taken to calling Garrick’s Mange. Pediatricians are convinced it’s viral (he did have a cold in…. late June?), but lord, it’s awful. Or amusing. One of those.

  13. karen

    Just a virtual hug…. And a really good frozen pomegranate marquerita with salt, would that help? :-)

    Feel better, Monkey.

  14. addy

    Is he creeped out by the tampons or the collecting? Hi Dad of wondrous comments. Good luck with the new car shopping. I hate that part.

  15. Jen

    This story makes me a little teary every time I see the pics of all those boxes. What a good thing everyone is doing here. Also, I don’t know if you have it there but HFMD is rampant here (we are nowhere near you) and it starts with a fever and a rash. Good luck with the car and with Monkey!

  16. Leanner

    Glad you get to spend some time with your parents. Commence with the Chinese food eating and evenings of games. Hope you enjoy your weekend visit with Chickadee. Your family remains in my prayers.
    And lest he be left out, hope you start feeling better Monkey.😊

  17. Em

    That Monkey is a hoot! Glad some things are good even if other things aren’t. Still keeping you all in my prayers (forgot to mention Otto’s car which God must have taken as me not caring. Because I have that kind of influence. Don’t mess with me.).

    Hoping for more good things and fewer dead cars.

  18. Cele

    ha hahahahahahah

  19. Susan in SF

    Glad to hear your parents are there. Let them talk care of YOU a bit! Sorry about the car news. :-(. Hope Otto can find a good replacement without too much angst (or $$). Continued good energy being sent to you all!

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