Because where would you put it?

By Mir
July 31, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the notion of things you “have” to have or that are worth working towards. In a lot of ways, life was simpler when my biggest concerns were packing lunches and getting some work done every day. On the other hand, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned family crisis to make the difference between “important” and “totally not a big deal” crystal clear.

Thanks to the Olympics, I find myself wondering what it must be like to have single-minded determination to reach a specific goal. I can only wonder, of course, as I have lots of different goals. Like, today I’m thinking of cleaning off my desk. Hardly worth building a life around, it’s true, but it leaves me enough time and energy to procure and eat a snack while I’m doing it. Win/win!

Come read more in my post over at Feel More Better today—I’m using the Olympics as a springboard (get it??) to the whole “having it all” conundrum. I think there’s a sweet spot between having it all and having only one thing… I’m just not sure how to find it. Maybe it’s buried here on my desk.


  1. Tracy B

    I love this! Simply because I’m drawn too. I actually watched “water polo” and had no clue what it even was at first. LOL

  2. Anna

    And what happens when you have a specific goal and the rules work against you? I still can’t wrap my brain around that.

  3. Jan in Norman, OK

    I, too, saw a few minutes of the water polo. (It was on while I was eating lunch.) All I could think was how cool and refreshing it looked. It’s 108° out there right now!

  4. kylad859

    Water polo players have the best. . . um. . . uniforms. Yes that’s what I’m thinking. Although after watching a few minutes I had to google the rules so I could figure out what was going on. It’s like hockey if the ice melted.

  5. Kate

    Using the Olympics as a springboard … I see what you did there!! Giggle!

  6. Bryan

    If I ever go looking for my hearts desire ever again, I’ll never go any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.

    ~Dorothy Gale

    I’m one of those “it’s the little things that are the big things” people–family (blood & adopted, roots, home, the smell of puppies, people that know you better than you know yourself). But it’s nice that there are those who reach for Olympic Gold Every Four Years.<==I sound a little like Mr. Costas there!

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