Here, let me Google that for you

By Mir
May 15, 2012

Sometimes, having a record of our lives is awesome. Every now and then I will go back and read something in my archives and be AMAZED, because I’d completely forgotten said event until reading about it and reawakening that memory. I’m constantly grateful for that when it comes to the day-to-day marvels of raising small humans.

Other times, I have to go silent for several days in a row, because it’s the kind of weekend that ends with a hysterical child and me Googling “how to remove (ripped,partial) contact lens?” and that, my friends, is the BEST thing that happened in those three days. I am counting on these sorts of memories to shrivel and disappear, much like the agony of labor. (We all know it happens, but our brains are designed to let go of the pain, lest the species die out altogether.) Today is a new day! Thank God.

Here’s a memory that I’ve kept and don’t mind: Have you every been skinny dipping? I have, and I think it’s good for your body image. C’mon over to Off Our Chests to see what I mean.


  1. victoria

    I tip my hat to you for having the guts to skinny dip ;) Way to go!

  2. Navhelowife

    Um, ouch to the contact lens.
    And hoping the week is far superior to the weekend.

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