But I might start singing, here

I tried really hard not to burst out into mournful song during my post at Off Our Chests this week, but I have to warn you that my girl is growing up and it’s making me a little sentimental. Okay, a lot sentimental. Okay, FINE; I’m a gibbering mess. (I keep telling her to just please be UGLIER and LESS AWESOME, but she refuses to listen.)

In addition to that craziness, y’all know I’m insanely proud to be involved with The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, and as part of their “Slice of Life” series for Autism Acceptance Month, today they’re featuring an interview with Monkey. (I may have had to bribe him with pie to get his cooperation.)

As for me, it turns out I am far less interesting than my kids, so that’s all I have for you today.


  1. Arnebya

    The reason that interview is so awesome to me is Monkey’s insight. His ability to verbalize his goals makes me smile so hard.

  2. Midj

    Loved hearing from Monkey. Thanks for sharing him with us, Mir!

  3. dad

    A very professional, great interview.
    Who said “The meek shall inherit the earth?”

    I think we could all learn something from this kid.

  4. bonuela

    ok, so his NEXT BIG GOAL made me cry. damn you mir. you and your awesome, brilliant kids.

  5. HG

    Could Monkey be a little more self-aware and awesome? I think not. (I’m sure you are laughing as I read this, as I do when someone calls my daughters delightful ;) )

  6. Karen R.

    “When there’s a lot of negative energy around me — like if someone I love is unhappy — that can make me feel sad, too.”

    Lack of empathy…. Sure. <==== sarcasm. Go Monkey!

  7. Mandy

    Monkey rocks!

  8. Jean

    I just read Monkey’s interview…what a smart, insightful and sweet young man you have! His understanding of his own capabilities and what makes him anxious is amazing. Mir, he’s going to change this world for the better…i know it deep in my bones :)

  9. Katie in MA

    Okay, I pretty much decided that Monkey is the awesomest of all the people ever. His creative answer to the “one sentence that describes your life” bit pretty much sealed the deal! But, hey, you could have put a tissue warning on this – the “When my sister is happy, that makes me happy” Way to kill all us sentimental readers in one fell swoop!

  10. victoria

    Please thank your sor for his fantastic interview and thank you as well as I had not known of the existance of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

  11. Amy

    Can you give Monkey a giant hug for me?!? I just read his interview and I am amazed with his honesty. He is such a dear!

  12. Pamela L

    Monkey is awesome – what a great interview!!

  13. Maricris @ SittingAround

    Very well said. Monkey is awesome! What touched my heart the most was his answer in what situations make him sad / happy. He is such a sweet kid. I really prays he reaches his goal.

  14. Jodie

    Both of these totally made me get choked up. Way to go Chickie for hitting this milestone. And way to go Monkey for being more self aware than most grown ups I know.

  15. mamaspeak

    I really enjoyed reading Monkey in his own words. (I hope that makes sense.) And I still have trouble reconciling him as a 12yo. He’s so grown up! (Commence large stack of books on head to stunt growing.) I know several adults who could not articulate as well as he just did. I’m not sure what that says about the company I keep, but I do think Monkey is wise beyond his years.

  16. Megan

    Ho-lee-cow that was fantastic. I hope Monkey’s pie was FABULOUS because he expressed himself so beautifully and honestly that he more than earned it!

  17. Aimee

    Wow — Monkey should get TWO pieces of pie, and a piece of pi, for that interview. What a wonderful, thoughtful, articulate guy he is!

  18. Daisy

    Wonderful! I haven’t posted on Asperger’s in ages. Sometimes just living with it every day is enough – and too much.

  19. Michelle

    Thank you for agreeing to the interview Monkey. Being able to understand what you’re going through helps me to understand you and to not be so judgmental about what a kid ‘should’ be. I’ve never been diagnosed with Aspergers (and I’m just a little older than your mom) but I can really identify with some of the things that you struggle with, I really don’t like crowds and I always sort feel like maybe I’m missing some component of social relationships. Clearly I need to find folks like you to hang out with. . .you rock my friend!!

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