Go hug an Aspie!

By Mir
April 2, 2012

Apparently it’s World Autism Awareness Day, which is important if you live under a rock and have never known anyone with autism. Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller…??

Obviously, I’m aware of autism… oh, pretty much all the time. So I’m going to celebrate today by doing the same stuff I do all the time. I’m a rebel that way.

For you, though, maybe you’d like to check out this nice little interview with me over at SheKnows, all about how—for our family—diagnosis wasn’t hard or scary, but the start of things getting better. And I don’t know if you know this, but my Monkey is really the very best one ever.


  1. Amy

    I think at the very least, you should celebrate with ice cream for everyone!

  2. Jen

    I <3 my Aspie and he finally doesn't flinch when I hug him. And he sort of hugs me back now too.

  3. Stimey

    Can I hug an NOSsie instead?

  4. Daisy

    The title – so many meanings! I have to let my Aspie know if I’m going to touch him or he freaks out. He will initiate a hug, though.

  5. Tenessa

    My Aspie is a hugger. And a sniffer. He will hug and sniff you until you want to scream. I try to avoid the screaming. <3 my Aspie!

  6. Kendra

    It’s funny…my boy (also an Aspie), is like my cat (and yes I’ve seen the book, “All Cats have Aspergers)…he comes for a snuggle on his own terms. And after years of having a super-independent, don’t-need-hugs kind of kid, his snuggles are great. Even after he tells me (this weekend) that I have a HUMUNGOUS BUTT! (In his defense I was trying on pants and my butt DID look big in them…but we did have a discussion on not making comments like that again…to ANYONE). Ha! never a dull moment!

  7. Cele

    Our Aspie is all hugs, in fact personal space is one of his issues. Hugs to all Aspies, please turn your blue lights on tonight.

  8. Karen R.

    I like Autism Acceptance Day better. :-) Which is also today.

  9. Nancy

    I am a very lucky person- I’ve had the opportunity to have people with ASD in my life for more than 21 years. I have learned so much from them, and hope that I have been able to contribute to their lives as well. Hugs to them and their families!

  10. Bryan

    Our diagnosis was met with relief that I didn’t have the only one of these, and that someone else had made it through the hard parts.

  11. Kira

    “I am pretty good at math, but I have some social difficulties.” GOD, I love that kid!

  12. Karen

    Mir, you may have blogged about this and I missed it… so forgive me IF. Have you seen the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?….. excellent movie… tear jerker for sure… and I thought of you and Monkey throughout. What an extraordinary portrayal of a very bright young man with Aspergers in trying times (sad!!)… and his triumph.

  13. Brigitte

    My kid played with a shy Aspie-boy (unprompted) at the park the other day (and managed to elude his Pokemon dissertations). She sees the differences, but goes ahead and has fun, and waits to ask me about them later.

    His mom was so happy, because she has a hard time getting him to socialize and he gets bullied every day.

    It made it a happy day for me too, that something so simple could make two people so happy.

  14. dad

    I will vouch for you. He really is “the very best one ever.”

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