I’m so vain…

By Mir
March 13, 2012

… I bet you think my post over at Off Our Chests today is about me.

Oh, wait. It is. Heh.

The thing is, I feel I’ve reached something of a crossroads right now. I’m standing firmly at the intersection of “what I’ve always done” and “changed priorities” and I’m just… not entirely sure what comes next. What should come next, or what I want to have come next.

Naturally, it’s a post about my hair. Come on over and weigh in, because I have no idea what to do. And clearly this is the most crucial and pressing issue I’m facing right now. [Insert slightly-hysterical laughter here.]


  1. victoria

    When life is uncertain, at least we can have some control over our hair ;)

  2. Mandy

    What Victoria said. When life is out of control, hard, or generally unbearable, it’s time to tinker with your hair. New color, new cut – just something. It’s a pretty instantaneous change in the face of mass suckitude.

  3. Jen

    I am also at that crossroad, but I don’t seem to have the drunk semi behind me pushing me into the intersection that you do. :(
    And I’ve thought about cutting it all off. Probably will this summer.

  4. Michelle

    I’ve been struggling with this very thing for a few months now. I’m 43 and just starting to accumulate some gray and I don’t know if I should just let it be or color. I think there’s a verse in Proverbs that says that Gray hair is a woman’s crown of glory and the sign of a righteous life. I’m not sure if I’m ready to let the world know about my righteousness?

  5. brigitte

    If you care for the input from all us “sluts.” ;-D

  6. Little Bird

    At thirty seven, I came to grips with my grey streak YEARS ago. I figure I earned it

  7. Jessica

    I was expecting to start going gray at 16 (my mom’s side of the family all went gray before they were 21), so I figured any year after that was gravy for me. I’m 32 and haven’t seen a gray strand yet, but I’ve already decided that when I do, I’ll accept it as fate finally catching up with me. Better yet, if I could get my paternal grandmother’s gorgeous white hair? I’d be in heaven with that. (Both of my parents went steely gray, though, so I’m assuming that’s what I’ll get, too. And I’ll rock it!)


  8. Meri

    I randomly chopped off my hair the day before an in-law’s wedding. It was one of my most favorite cuts ever. Go with what you feel like, this, at least, is changeable in a few months. Worst case, you use a lot of hair goop this summer. I like the stuff by Hair Rules, myself.

  9. Liza

    I love that there are 66 comments over on OOC, plus 8 more here.

    I am one of those people who does, and then regrets, drastic hair decisions made during times of extreme stress. Although hair does grow back, it can take awhile if you make an excessively extreme choice.

    Good luck, friend.

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