A reminder

By Mir
February 10, 2012

If nothing else, I’m learning to sit with helplessness these days. I think Chickie is, too. It sucks (especially for control freaks like us). We are both learning and relearning how to take charge of what we can, and to surrender the rest. Did I mention that it sucks?

While Chickadee was in the hospital I found myself browsing Etsy—I don’t even know what I was looking for, really—and I ended up finding this:

(Image shamelessly stolen from Berkey Designs because I love them and hope you will, too. Beautiful craftsmanship, fast shipping, and pretty wrapping, too.)

I bought it for my daughter, and since it arrived she hasn’t taken it off. I hope it helps her remember.


  1. amy

    Beautiful! Hugs to Chickie!

  2. Ruth

    Sending much love and many hugs my friend.

  3. Arnebya

    I like these. A constant reminder (because I think sometimes, we all forget).

  4. {sue}

    Oh I LOVE this. You are a fabulous mom, Mir. My role model, seriously. I read today on another post that worrying is like praying for what we don’t want. Actually, here, just read it because I can’t possibly recap as well as the original: http://www.mothersinmedicine.com/2012/02/listen-to-susan.html

  5. meekasmommy

    LOVE it! That’s so beautiful, and fitting for the moment (or really, most moments)

  6. bob

    she’s my hero too.

  7. Mandy

    You need a matching one, too.

  8. Genevieve

    That’s beautiful, Mir — apart from it being a lovely ring, it will help her remember for sure, both that she is the heroine and that you love her and recognize that in her and wanted to give her a tangible reminder she could use to draw strength from.

  9. Jodi F.

    Perfect. I just Pinterest-ed it.

  10. Genevieve

    Posting again – I have to say that something like that really helps — I bought myself a couple of Tree of Life necklaces last year just for something to reach up and hold when I needed some extra strength to get through a tough time. It really did that.

  11. Midj

    I think my girl should have one, too. Heading over to order. Thanks for sharing. Long distance hugs…


  12. Linda Miller

    Is it sold out already? Bummer! Unless I just can’t figure out how to order it.

  13. Katie in MA

    LOVE that ring! I hope it helps inspire her to rewrite and revise chapters as needed, to break into musical numbers when the mood strikes her, and to remember that this act doesn’t end until she SAYS it does.

    You are both an excellent mama and giver of gifts, Mir!

  14. Fabs

    Could you quit making me cry! :-) Your posts are beautiful and so are you. I hope all of our good thoughts are helping you and your family through this. You are such a strong person.

  15. Linda Miller

    After reading my post, I feel like the most insensitive person. I was just so inspired by what it said and must mean for you….I’ll shut up now.

  16. Varda (SquashedMom)

    That ring is just wonderful. and you;re such a wonderful mom for knowing it was just what your daughter needed. I wish you both peace and strength in the days ahead as she recovers and hopefully you get firm answers.

  17. RebeccaL

    Beautiful! Still praying for Chickadee and your whole family.

  18. Karen

    I’m thinking Chicky’s mom could use such a ring too….

  19. Angela

    Yay, that all sounds awesome! Mir, you definitely have THE cutest stories, glad y’all can enjoy some time together again :-) I just wonder what that slug must have been thinking?! “Guys, you’ll NEVER believe what happened to me today!!”

  20. Aimee

    I love it! What a beautiful message to give your beautiful daughter :)

  21. Edd Fear

    Awesome ring, awesome gift, awesome story. I hope that in ten or twenty years, when Chickie thinks back on what she’s going through now (since it sounds like something that will stick with your whole family), THIS is main thing she remembers.

    The gift. The strength. The support. The love.

    You’re an awesome mom. A true heroine.

  22. Jen

    What a beautiful gift. She’ll remember the story behind it and tell it for life. :)

  23. Nancy

    Thanks for the tip! just bought a bracelet for me, and one for my daughters birthday. So nice to be able to pick my own quotes.
    Hoping all is well.

  24. Melanie

    Dammit, Mir. You’ve had me bawling all week! :) You guys remain in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs!

    I ordered a ring. They are just too cool to pass up!

  25. RuthWells

    Absolutely gorgeous and perfect.

  26. mamaspeak

    WTH Mir! Aren’t you supposed to be curled in a ball trying to make up for the sleep lost during the last couple week? Not writing beautiful posts that turn me into a puddle! (I’m hormonal, so it’s not ALL your fault.) You’re all still in our prayers & thoughts. I aspire to be at least half the mom you are, for my girls. sending more (((hugs))) & you are pretty. ;-)

  27. Stimey

    Absolutely beautiful.

    It took me three tries to spell “beautiful” right. It’s been that kind of night.

  28. All Adither

    You’re a cool mom.

  29. addy

    Nice one Mom! I always forget about ETSY…. oops

  30. Kim in Minnesota

    Welcome back, Mir! I was just checking in to leave you a comment for encouragement and was happy to see you have posted (three times!) since I last checked on your time away. I hope you all are starting to enjoy the rainbow at the end of that cloudburst!

  31. Heather

    Tremendously cool. Hugs to you both…and all.

  32. sarah

    Poor everybody. Glad you’re able to write again but so sorry that you’re all going through such a struggle.

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