So a few of you have asked…

… how The Vagina Monologues is going. It’s going! I am rusty, much rustier than I expected. I mean, sure, getting up on stage is just like riding a bike in that I guess you kind of have this kinesthetic memory that doesn’t forget how it all works, but on the other hand, I’m guessing that if you hadn’t ridden a bike for twenty years and then hopped on one, it wouldn’t be the smoothest ride, either. I’m working on it (and feeling ooooold).

But! The people are great, the show is fabulous, and I am having oodles of fun. Also: I now own faux-snakeskin skinny jeans. YES. Purchased specifically for the show, though it is my teenager’s deepest fear that I will spontaneously go all cougar and wear them out in public at random, for the express purpose of mortifying her. (Otto did get a funny little glint in his eye when I modeled them for him, but still, not gonna happen.)

While I’m telling you about the show, though, I’ll direct you over to my post today at Off Our Chests—I’m thinking about the implications of certain words and what it may mean to rethink some of our assumptions. (Hint: female anatomy ahoy, y’all.)


  1. Arnebya

    I’m heading over, but I’m glad you’re mentioning the play. I wondered, then figured it was a go when you mentioned play practice recently. So, yay!

  2. bonuela

    thankfully, the creepy internet spies have picked up on the word bicycle for its oddly specific “random ads” on the side instead of the word vagina. :-)

  3. alihua

    Multitasking is dangerous…..

    I was trying to read work emails while waiting for your page to come up and out of the corner of my eyes read the first couple lines as “Vagina. It’s going a little rusty”.

    WHAAATTTT? Thought I accidently went to one of those NSFW sites.

    Lesson learned. I will not try to read two things at once.

  4. Sally

    Oh, good gracious, we NEED a picture of those jeans! Preferably with a Mir inside them!

  5. Aimee

    I’m so glad the rehearsals are going well — I wish I lived nearer so I could come see it!

    Loved the post at Off Our Chests. I hate that word too.

  6. Katie in CA

    Aaaand it’s blocked! Love the internet at work!

  7. Beverly

    I was just wondering about this — glad it’s going well! And yeah, we need to see those jeans.

  8. Mer

    Now you need the obligatory tall boots!

  9. Angela

    Damn! My workplace has apparently recently deemed offourchests as Pornography! WTH??? So I can’t go there :-(

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