Picture me holding a lighter in solidarity

By Mir
January 18, 2012

Hey, guess what. I like the Internet. I like freedom of speech. I do not like SOPA or PIPA.

Rather than blacking out my site or lecturing you, allow me to refer you to The Oatmeal’s excellent explanation of why this matters. Enjoy.


  1. Amanda

    Hmmm….that site is blacked out today. While the goat and koala are amusing, it’s not quite what I expected :P

  2. Curly Girl

    Do it for jetskis! Do it for koalas! Do it for love!

    (Whips out my lighter)

  3. crazyjane

    gotta love the oatmeal.

  4. Jen

    The Oatmeal was the first easy to explain/understand description of this disaster of a bill.

  5. Pamela

    My senator’s contact page is down. I’m hoping it’s because he’s being inundated with messages. Thanks for posting about this.

  6. Debbi

    Love it!! thanks for sharing, holding up my lighter too!

  7. Megan

    Totally with you. Although I’m an idiot and DID try to go to a Wikipedia page this morning!

  8. Karen

    Lighter here in CT….

  9. Dani

    1. That video is too great. LOVE.
    2. I did lecture on my blog. Couldn’t help myself. You = classier than I.
    3. To Megan, I attempted to go to a Wiki page WHILE writing about PIPA and SOPA and supporting the blackouts. Oops.

    Lighter up, as well!

  10. Susie

    None of my tech-savvy friends had linked this one around yet-thanks!
    *pulls up lighter app on phone* :-)

  11. addy

    gotta love the oatmeal. Thanks for the link Mir.

  12. Zudie

    I spread the link. Thanks!

  13. Sara

    Yet another reason that I love The Oatmeal.

  14. Arnebya

    For the kittens!

  15. JennyA

    Oatmeal = Win.

    Save those kittens!

  16. liz

    Can I just tell you that I read this title More Than Once as “light saber?” And I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hell you needed with a light saber. Luke Skywalker off to save the internet? Or, more accurately, Princess Leia?

    And hope Monkey is doing okay. I still think that he just doesn’t want to take a bath and he’s protesting soap. He got confused. It happens to all of us. 2013 is just around the corner. Promise.

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