Black Friday at Casa Mir

By Mir
November 25, 2011

Today’s the day that I get up early and spend my entire day as a slave to Want Not, and the children are informed ahead of time that I will be essentially unavailable for the day and they should fend for themselves.

So I’ve been working for the last, oh, seven and a half hours already (ZOMG), and the kids are giving me pretty wide berth, but they just swarmed the kitchen—which is right off of my office—to forage for leftovers for lunch.

And that’s why one of the first things I said that didn’t involve shopping, bargains, or Amazon today was, “PLEASE DO NOT RUB LEFTOVER ROLLS ON YOUR FACE.”

True story.


  1. Beth A

    My son informed me last night that he was starving, but didn’t “want anything to eat that we’d already eaten in the last 2 days”. Apparently leftovers are becoming too common place at our house. LOL. So he had a granola bar.

  2. Tenessa

    My kids demanded ham and turkey for breakfast. My youngest (4 yrs) wanted to put ham on his chocolate chip oatmeal cookies at morning snack time. (answer to both was no, wait for lunch)

  3. Megan

    Hey, rolls are reasonably tidy when you think about it. My kid rubbed ranch dip all over her face – but with such bliss and utter enjoyment (she was 2 – wouldn’t want to imply this was THIS year) it was hard to tell her to stop!

  4. Beth R

    Hey, if they were GOOD rolls, I understand the desire! I’d totally rub my aunt’s potato rolls all over my face if given the opportunity :)

    Happy Turkey Sandwiches day!

  5. dad

    This morning I had to face the heavy burden of decision.
    Was breakfast more likely to prove a successful kick-off for the day if I had some turkey and cranberry sauce or would my day be brighter if I opted for chocolate pecan pie a la mode.
    It was a predicament.
    I went for both…and will run a similar test at dinner.

    I love being an adult.

  6. Edd Fear


    I’ve been thankful that our two tornadoes of evil have been very happy playing in other parts of the house the last two days. Magically appearing when food does.

    Although I’m suspicious of the blowback from all this “good” behavior.

    Glad you’re getting your work done, Mir!

  7. Daisy

    If people put cucumbers on their eyelids, why not rolls on the face?

  8. Cele

    Okay I really want to know what prompted the comment.

  9. All Adither

    I enjoyed your near constant stream of deals. :0)

  10. Katie in MA

    I just want you to know how much I appreciate you being my…er, um….OUR slave for the day on Black Friday! You are always the tipping point when I try to decide whether to venture out into the sea of crazies or stay home and shop in my pajamas. Wit (and bargains!!) wins me over every time.

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