Five good things on Friday

1) Chickadee is still doing well on her new, dye-free medication. Today was the first blood test and the tech was so good, she didn’t even feel the needle. (Okay, technically that’s two things. Deal with it.)

2) Today I sent out a panicked I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE THIS AUCTION SINGLEHANDEDLY email to the head of our PTA (translation: Please help!) and the next four businesses I approached for donations all happily ponied up. I keep reminding myself that it’s for the children. GIMME ALL YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATES, IMMA GO SELL THEM FOR PENCILS.

3) Monkey had a great day at school today and was invited to sleep over at Lemur’s tomorrow night. The boys don’t see each other nearly as much as they used to now that they’re at different schools, so YAY!

4) Every time I go to a conference there’s always a last-minute I NEED ITEM X wardrobe crisis (why is that?) and this time I managed to run out of time to shop online for a suitable pair of shoes. So I had to go to an actual STORE at the MALL and it was dreadful. Except for the part where I found some killer shoes, on sale, at the first store I went to. I am now ready to travel next week. Maybe. Did I mention they’re, um, about 5″ tall? Stay tuned for broken ankle stories.

5) The pool is closed, and no one fell in or even swore a lot while we put the cover on this year. Otto said to me, “We’re getting good at this.” I agreed, and mentioned that I sure like hanging around with him, so he went on to say, “We should get married or something. So we can hang out more often.” He is smart.


  1. Kate

    That’s great great news about Chickadee! I would suggest that you have this particular tech bronzed, but I’m guessing that might impair her skills for next time.

  2. Mandy

    Might you praise this tech’s skill to her supervisor and have them put in writing on Chickadee’s chart that you *always* want her? The ol’ honey approach….
    Plus, most people (in my experience) b*tch to high heaven about lousy service but don’t always praise those who their jobs well.

    What a great Fri list, btw.

  3. Karen R

    Yay, yay, yay, yay, and sweet.

  4. Jessica

    I have a needle — well, not a true phobia, but I really don’t like them. Last week I went to the doctor and ended up having all the blood in my body pulled out (okay, four vials, but still), but the tech was so awesome I didn’t feel the needle going in at all. Then she didn’t wiggle it all around when she was exchanging vials AND she didn’t pinch when pulling it out. It was the best phlebotomist day I’ve ever had.

    Also, every so often I will ask my husband randomly, “Will you marry me?” He then reminds me that we ARE married. I usually reply, “Oh! That must be why I like you so much.” (People say we’re sickening. Or newlyweds. We’ve been married for five-and-a-half years, so I’m not sure when the newlywed thing wears off. I heard two years, then it was three, then it was five, and lately it’s been seven years. They keep upping it when they hear I still actually like my husband. I personally thought that was kind of the point of marrying my fabulous husband.)

  5. Tenessa

    Isn’t it the greatest when your husband is your best friend? I think so.

  6. Tenessa

    @Jessica; I’ve been married to my fabulous husband for 14 years (in two weeks, officially) and I STILL like him. A lot. We spend all our free time together, or as much of it as possible. We still hold hands when we sit next to one another or walk (anywhere really). I hope that never goes away.

  7. RuthWells

    Otto is very smart.

    I wish I had something to suggest/offer for your auction, particularly since you were so helpful for my auction last year! But I’m afraid baked goods from Philly might not travel so well. Hmmm. Will continue to think on’t.

  8. Sherry

    Our wedding invitations said, “We get along so well that we’re getting married!” October 15th will be 17 years and we still get along.

  9. addy

    A MALL – you went to a MALL? Wow, you were in need. No broken ankles please. The retelling of the story would be hilarious I’m sure but, ya no broken parts. And tell Mr. Otto you would love to marry him. If he supplies the ice cream – for life.

  10. Brigid

    I have often thought we were twins separated at birth (fraternal, not identical) but you just lost me with the shoes. Anything over 1/2 inch and I turn an ankle. Good luck!

  11. Cele

    I always love when my husband suggest we get married. It works.

  12. Megan

    Otto is wise beyond his years

  13. Brenda

    I just can’t believe that you never told us someone fell in the pool in previous years!

    Yay for Good Things Fridays!

  14. Karen

    Your post is a much-needed reminder of what can be…I’m sadly standing on the doorstep of an undoubtedly unpleasant divorce (I suppose there really is no other kind…I don’t think a pleasant divorce is possible, but stil…).Thanks for a glimpse of a better future.

  15. Genevieve

    Such good things! Very very glad to hear #1, especially.

  16. Mya Maternity

    Great things!. I’m glad nobody fell in the pool.

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