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By Mir
September 22, 2011

Every now and then, Otto does a Big Thing designed to make me feel warm and fuzzy—my birthday surprise and the festivities that followed come to mind—and it’s very sweet and wonderful and everything, of course. But the truth is that I may even love him just a little bit more for the small things, because I’m a sucker for the I-was-just-thinking-about-you gesture.

So a week ago, I wrote this post, which contained the following:

The list says “Thou shalt not list the things you, the parent, do for the kid as if it deserves veneration.” Because the only appropriate response from the child at that point is, “I didn’t ask to be born, you know! You shouldn’t have had kids if you didn’t want to do that stuff!”

Instead, I gripped the steering wheel a little more tightly than necessary as I drove her back to school in complete silence.

And my darling husband came home that night with a plush steering wheel cover for my car. “So that you won’t hurt your hands when the kids are rotten,” he said, by way of explanation. That was a week ago and EVERY TIME I get into my car, now, I laugh.

Twenty-two years into knowing him, four-and-a-half years into the marriage, and I still feel totally lucky. It’s AWESOME.


  1. Liza

    Awwwww! That is sweet.

  2. Ani

    There’s a reason AWESOME begins with Awwwwwwwww……….

  3. Angela

    Awww, good for y’all! That’s so sweet and I’m glad you are a lucky girl the second time around. My husband, also the second, is really good about doing little sweet things for me just because he knows it’ll make me feel better. Thank God for awesome men!

  4. Cheryl

    My hubby has been doing Otto-stuff for 30 years now. I have gladly kept him around for these 30 years. I try to do this kind of stuff for him too – but I totally think he wins in the “Otto” category!!! Doesn’t this just make you feel butterflies in your tummy every time though?

  5. Beth

    Otto is a good man. :)

  6. Abbie


  7. addy

    totally worth every minute of it…. you both are very lucky

  8. dad

    Yes, you are lucky…and Otto is AWESOME.

    I see a T shirt dedicated to that thought in your future.

  9. Sheila


  10. Beth R

    Because I’m nosy like this – what color/pattern is the plush steering wheel cover?

    Otto makes me want to squeeee :)

  11. Karen R.

    What a sweetie — in a totally manly way, of course.

  12. Rinatta

    You two are the poster children for Happily Ever After!

  13. Scottsdale Girl

    Nothin sexier than a man who LISTENS.

  14. Leah

    That is very sweet!

  15. s

    hmmmm I am going to look forward to you fitting in “diamond tennis bracelet” and “brand new car” into your future posts as little ways for Otto to remind you he is always thinking of you!

  16. Kelly

    Can he write a blog for our husband to take notes?

  17. pam

    You ARE totally lucky!

  18. Tracy B

    Have you heard the country song by Billy Carrington, God is great, beer is good and people are crazy??? You could have it rewritten to say, God is great, chocolate is good and Otto is awesome!!!!

  19. Karen

    …it’s a beautiful thing :-)

  20. Momsy

    Otto is a professor, correct? How about an online class to help husbands everywhere? Maybe titled, “Sweet Things To Do For Your Sweetie So She’ll Know You Care”. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t be offended AT ALL if I signed him up!

    A guest post, maybe?

  21. Lucinda

    I read this one aloud to my husband who only hears about you when I have to share something particularly funny. He agreed that Otto was pretty awesome. I could see my dad doing that kind of thing. He has that kind of humor. Cheers to Otto.

  22. Jen B

    <3 sweetness!

  23. Another Dawn

    Permission to cry?

  24. Daisy

    That Otto. He is SUCH a keeper!

  25. Mandy

    Otto rocks.

  26. Megan

    Ottosome. Truly Ottosome.

    Lovely that you BOTH know how lucky you are!

  27. Karate Mom

    I think that the little “I was just thinking of you” gestures are the absolute best! When we were dating, sometime when Troy would go into the convenience store to get a pop, he would pick up a pack of Spree for me. I think that’s one of the things that made me fall in love with him!

  28. lizneust

    Team Otto! (Which I mean in a totally non-creepy way.)

  29. The Mommy Therapy

    What a wonderful, amazing, glorious feeling! In a world where the break ups and wrong-doing is often the focus, I love hearing this. Happy for you…and for him!

  30. Wendy

    I love it when they do those kinds of things! YAY OTTO!

    about a month ago, I mentioned to my man that I was worn out and felt emotionally drained. That evening he brought home a huge drain stopper on a chain with “Emotional Drain Stopper” written on it in red sharpie with tiny red hearts drawn all over it. It was completely cheesy and I smile every time I see the silly thing.

    Three cheers for silly little things!

  31. Heather

    D’awwww! I gotta get me one of those Otto things ;)

  32. Jackie

    awww that was so thoughtful! He’s a keeper.

  33. Diane

    Dear Mir, This may have been mentioned before, but have you tried using tumeric for your daughter’s skin condition? And also, Otto is awesome!

  34. Katie in MA

    Awwww! Just reading that story brightens my day. :) Otto sure does know how to bring The Awesome!

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