Five (modified) good things on Friday

1) Monkey has a nasty sinus infection. I figured out that Monkey has a nasty sinus infection. On the way to the doctor this morning, Monkey piped up from the back seat: “Hey, I don’t feel good.” Then we did a little high-five, because YES! Other people, when they have sinus infections, they always realize they don’t feel good! This is progress in our (sensorily-disordered) world. Yay!!

2) I was super productive today. I had a nap.

3) I’ve been granted a reprieve from the plague of teen attitude until at least tomorrow. I am grateful that my wonderful daughter loves marching band so much, and also that for away games they apparently lure the kids in right after school with pizza, and keep them there until it’s time to go.

4) Monkey and Mario are singing songs about butts in my kitchen right now. I am always grateful with my son has a friend. But I am so, so grateful that Mario is a really nice kid and that he and Monkey are enjoying each other so much. Plus I’m eternally grateful to Mario’s mom for introducing us to Hippie School.

5) I totally lied. There are only four things. I’m perfectly content with these four things, it turns out. Sinus infection and all.


  1. Liza

    Way to go Monkey! Way to go nap! Way to go regular AND hippie school!

  2. Lulu

    5. TGIF!

  3. Ali

    Aww, poor Monkey. Sinus infections suck. Yay Mir for figuring it out!

    Also, a nap is a thing of beauty, especially on a Friday.

  4. Mara

    One of the funniest things about being a parent myself is gradually realizing how happy my parents must have been to get rid of us for a few hours (or a few days)! I now see that all those sleepovers, sleep-away camps, trips to friends’ vacation houses, and etc must have been quite a treat for Mom and Dad, not just for me! Someday, Chickadee is going to realize why you were always so cheerful on those away-game days…

    Hope Monkey is feeling better soon.

    BTW as a mom of a 2-year and an infant, ‘nap’ could be the only thing on the list and it would make it a good day!

  5. elz

    Is the song about Otto and his lack of a butt? Yay for good Friday feelings (sinus infection and all).

  6. Sarah

    Ditto on the “hooray for naps”. And a reminder that I need to figure out my work/sleep schedule before having kids – I hear that they are not likely to cooperate with my habbit / need to go to bed between 4 and 6 pm on a friday, and sleep for a minimum of 4 hours.

    (tonight I couldn’t keep my eyes open while discussing what to have for dinner – so I went to bed at six, and left hubby to fend for himself. Then got up at 12:30 for a snack and blog reading …)

  7. Megan

    Hey, there are days when naps ARE super productive! Just sayin’

  8. Brigitte

    Oh, I can always throw in a piece of chocolate or something to force a #5!
    You know, if you were looking . .

    Ugh, still waiting (weeks later) for my stupid ear to unblock after my own latest sinus infection. Poor Monkey!

  9. Brigid

    Yay for Monkey realizing he felt bad. We are still in the “Mom gets to guess how bad injuries/infections/bumps are because child has no idea.” Sometimes I guess exactly right and sometimes I prove why I didn’t become a doctor.

  10. Christine

    I love this post and this whole blog. Is it appropriate to suggest another blog here that has just come out? For us mommies who have hit forty and are dealing with husbands/marriages gone wild? I like this (and she is my good friend!!):

  11. 12tequilas

    What did we do in the past without strikethrough?

  12. Katie in MA

    I am so, so jealous of your nap right now. :) Think of it as preventative medicine!

  13. carson

    When my daughter was in the ear infection zone, I could always tell when she had one. It was when I stated that I was going to have to get the priest for the exorcism. No other symptoms, just pure evil. As in “Don’t touch it, Mom! It’s Pure Evil!”

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