Cue Gloria Gaynor

By Mir
September 6, 2011

It’s Tuesday, so that means I’m over at Off Our Chests. Today I’m talking about surviving, though—as usual—it’s not the serious things that get me thinking, but the kind of ridiculous ones. You’ll see.

Come on over. (Spoiler: I wasn’t any more graceful as a little kid than I am now.)

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  1. dad

    Who knew there would be a legion of self-staplers out there?
    There most likely is a similar army of those that have dealt with having their tongues stuck to a frosty metal pipe or endured the shame of loudly passing gas during a quiet public moment.
    One of the beauties of surviving is the connection it gives us to others who have shared the common misery and the feeling of superiority it provides over those that have not..

    I had to google Gloria Gaynor. I must be out of it.
    But you knew that.

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