Life is not a movie

By Mir
August 2, 2011

Sometimes I think that Hollywood primes us to expect every life experience to have a Very Special Lesson or moment of tidy resolution at the end.

Life isn’t always like that. Life is unpredictable and messy and full of cliffhangers that never get resolved. Life doesn’t always hand us resolutions when we want them, or balanced victories to outweigh disappointments. Of course, if movies were more like life, people would throw popcorn and demand their money back.

Once upon a time, I learned this lesson the hard way. And I’m over at Off Our Chests to tell you about it. I bet you have a similar story, too.

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  1. Heather

    I know this, and yet? Much of me still wants a “happy ending”, of course, that would really be only the beginning…
    I think of you and Otto as a “happy ending” sort of story, not in a “their life is perfect” sort of way (because really, reading your blog would quickly disabuse anyone of that heh) but just that you reconnected and now you have someone with whom to go up against all the hard stuff, and to enjoy the happy stuff, too.

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