Still a slow learner

By Mir
July 5, 2011

I have many virtues. Well, okay, I have SOME virtues. Probably. But patience is not one of them.

My feeling has pretty much always been that watching the pot is for suckers. People who are serious about boiling that water just go grab a blowtorch. As you might imagine, this hasn’t always worked out particularly well for me.

Still, it’s been a hard lesson for me to learn. Which is probably why I’ve been working on it for almost forty years.

Today I’m over at Off Our Chests thinking about patience, and my sometimes lack thereof. What can I say? I’m trying, I just wish it would hurry up. (Little impatience humor for you, there. Tip your waitress!)


  1. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    What are you doing at Chests Off? Is this for people who look good in wet t-shirts? I’m going over there. Hope my tits are up to it.

  2. 12tequilas

    Gotta ask if the cereal behind the dresser attracted bugs. It took me a while to figure out that the ants in my room were coming in and out of my Tootsie Roll bank, which of course had an open coin slot, in which I’d placed some not-adequately-wrapped candy. I think I found it before my parents did, though.

  3. Tracy B

    I with you on this one, too! I have NO patience…at all. I’m over 40 and decided I will never have any. So, there’s that.

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