Endings of eras

By Mir
May 17, 2011

I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about my school days, lately. I guess it’s a side effect of this academic year coming to an end, and the fact that I am about to be Officially Done Being An Elementary School Parent, which doesn’t seem possible. (Seriously, how is that possible when I still have to ask my kid if he remembered to put on underwear??)

Anyway, today I’m over at Off Our Chests remembering my first time, though it’s not what you might think. C’mon over if you ever had an idol who ended up surprising you (or even if you didn’t).


  1. diane

    Monkey’s a boy; you’ll have to remind him about the underwear until he graduates from college. After that, he’s on his own.

  2. Megan

    Bart Simpson: ‘Ahhh! Free and easy, Lis’! There’s nothing like an unfurnished basement for pure comfort.’

    Unforgettable parenting moment – asking (in the car, on the way to the clinic for booster shots) whether my son had underpants on, at which moment he slaps his forehead and says ‘I KNEW I forgot something!’ We had a slight detour to buy him underpants, but, in a major parenting moment of insanity, I purchased glow-in-the-dark STAR WARS underpants which meant he spent the whole afternoon flashing the world (because, dude, who wouldn’t want to see Star Wars underpants?). Sigh.

    I promise, I had an on-topic comment over at t’other site!

  3. Crissy

    Ya know, “Harris” probably reads your blog now. Eat your heart out, Harris. Mir is MY favorite blogger.

  4. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    Couldn’t download off my chest so…my first time was with a USC football player behind on a pizza crumby floor, behind his couch at Troy apartments while his roommates farted loudly from their bedrooms. I remember thinking, This is what the big deal’s all about? That’s what you meant by First Time…wasn’t it?

  5. Little Bird

    You got one-upped! By a teacher!! No WONDER it irks you when folks do that now!
    I second (third or fourth or whatever number we’re at now) the idea that you will be reminding Monkey to wear underwear for several more years. Merely because he carries a Y chromosome.

  6. Jen

    My older son is 2 years into middle school. He recently went on a week-long trip for school, and did not pack underwear, and only 1 pair of socks. This after me making a list of the things he needed to have in his bag, and him checking off that he had packed underwear and socks for the week. His response on the morning he was leaving, when I just happened to check his bag because I was suspicious that maybe he hadn’t packed everything – well, he was wearing underwear, and if he had to wear that pair all week, or go without for the rest of the week, it wasn’t really a big deal. My point being, I’m not sure if caring about the wearing of underwear is something they will grow into anytime soon, if ever.

    My youngest is also finishing elementary school this year. Even though I know he is ready academically, my emotions are screaming that he can’t possibly be ready to go, because look at him – he is soo little still, he’s just a baby. I mean, how much could it possibly hurt him to stay in fifth grade for a couple more years (by then, he could probably teach the fifth grade, but still)? Really, he will be fine, probably better than fine, but there is just way too much growing up going on these days for me to cope with.

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