On a good day

By Mir
May 12, 2011

This morning over breakfast, I mentioned to Otto the recent article showing that March conceptions are most likely to result in autistic kids, which I find fascinating. (I like to think I’d find it fascinating even if Monkey hadn’t been a March conception, but whatever.)

Monkey was immersed in his cereal bowl but I could tell he was listening. “Isn’t that weird, bud?” I asked him. “I mean, weird that it’s apparently true, and that they figured it out. And… I dunno, could you even imagine what you’d be like if you didn’t have Asperger’s? I can’t.”

He immediately leapt up from the table, stiffened his arms at his sides, and intoned, “Hello. How are you. I am fine.”

“If you didn’t have Asperger’s you’d be… a robot?” I asked, confused.

He laughed. “No, I’d just be totally dull, no creativity or anything. BORING!” He laughed again and went back to his cereal.

Lord, I just love that kid.


  1. Jean

    The most perfect quote ever! Monkey is awesome!

  2. Stephanie

    what a treasure he is… :)

  3. dad

    Me too….and not just because it’s Thursday and he is one perceptive dude.

  4. amy

    Seriously? My heart just kinda dropped, cause yeah… D would have been conceived in March.

  5. Karate Mom

    Oh, wow! What an awesome response! What a creative, non-dull, non-boring perfect response!

  6. Kim

    Well, that made my morning. Monkey, you rock.

  7. Michelle B.

    So clever and so awesome!

  8. Heather

    That kid. He is so very full of awesome <3

  9. Kelly

    Awww, yeah Monkey!

  10. Rasselas

    Tell Monkey he’s the awesomest!! :D

  11. meghann

    Monkey is one awesome dude.

    For what it’s worth, my Aspie kid was conceived in July, and my Autistic one in November.

  12. Tracy B

    Leave it to Monkey to turn my frown upside down! Happy Love Thursday!!!!

  13. Kendra

    oh em gee…Robert was conceived in march too!! (I was totally going to write “oh em gee, B and I did the nasty in March too” just to squick Otto out, but decided against it…he he he)

  14. laura

    Nothing like a good healthy sense of humor. I don’t know him but I love him too!!

  15. Sheila

    *smiling at your kid from Wisconsin*

  16. Katie in MA

    God I love the good days! (And that kiddo, too.)

  17. Laura

    How truly bizarre. I have a March-conceived Aspie also. If I had known about this study then, I’m sure I wouldn’t have tried in March… but I’m glad I got the kid that I got.

  18. Clarity

    We had a VERY similar conversation the other day because apparently Bipolar occurs more in late fall/winter births. Both my husband and my son are bipolar and they were both born in November so we’re definitely contributing to that percentage. I was just thinking about it and it occured to me that a baby conceived in March will be born in Nov or December and thus more likely to be BOTH bipolar and Aspie/autie. WTH!?!>!>! Is that not the weirdest thing? So now no baby making in the spring…how’s summer look? Anything wrong with summer babies?

  19. Anna

    In the TMI-for-internet-strangers category…. My extended family has TOO MANY birthdays in December, so I refused to even possibly conceive in March. No ASD in our family, but we do have other letters to contend with.

  20. Aimee

    Yep, that’s a pretty great kid you got there.

  21. The Mommy Therapy

    What a fantastic statement from him! I love it.

  22. Daisy

    What a wonderful attitude!

  23. Chuck

    I can see Monkey’s point; normal is fine and everything but it can also sometimes be…a bit boring. And I think that, based on your writing, Monkey is NEVER boring.

  24. Beth R

    Bwaahahaha! How wonderful to find out he sees both sides of how Asp’s affects him – it makes it hard to cope sometimes, but it makes him HIM :)

    Hugs to all!

  25. Little Bird

    I love his reaction. Perceptive little guy you’ve got there!
    And I was conceived in March (I think). I too fall into the spectrum. Interesting.

  26. Megan

    Oh WOOOOOT! Makes my heart absolutely, positively SING that Monkey sees the good about who he is! Thank you for sharing the ups as well, it’s total sunshine.

  27. Rici

    What a beautiful child, and what a lucky mom! (I’m a lucky mom, too!)

  28. Rici

    Oh, and? My guy was a March conception, too. Very interesting!

  29. liv

    so, so awesome. :)

  30. addy

    What’s not to love?!!

  31. Amanda Sasser English

    Both Aspies in my family were conceived in August. Where did you find that article, I’d like to read it.

  32. Brigitte

    Hmm, three of the four of us were conceived in March, and I’d say we’re all a little “special” . . but my most Aspie sister was conceived in August, oh well!

    Monkey made me think of the Spongebob episode (which he MUST have seen) where Spongebob aspires to be “normal.” He too finds out that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

  33. Andrea

    That’s an awesome take on things! I can only continue to hope my kids continue to grow into kids like your Monkey…perceptive, generous, loving, smart, funny, and much more!

  34. l

    So – is this March conception thing just for the Northern Hemisphere? Or all over? Very interesting, either way…

  35. Nancy

    What a perfect response!

  36. Cele

    That kid is such a keeper.

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