Not sentimental, but also not insane

By Mir
May 3, 2011

This morning over breakfast, Monkey told Otto, “Today’s our field trip to the middle school!”

Otto clucked appreciatively, asked him if he was excited (he was), then said, “And do you know what one week from tomorrow is?” Monkey scrunched up his face, deep in thought, and I tried to figure out what Otto had in mind. There’s a field trip today; there’s a field trip next week (though not a week from tomorrow). Hmmm.

“He doesn’t know, honey. What is it?” Otto turned to me, incredulous. He waited. I thought about it some more. My hands flew up to my mouth, involuntarily. “NEVERMIND!” I yelped. “I KNEW! I KNOW! I didn’t forget! I… I…” Otto was glaring at me. “I love you? Yes. I love you. Monkey, a week from tomorrow is our anniversary WHICH I DID NOT FORGET.” Otto shook his head and returned to his cereal.

Poor guy. He’s all secretly sentimental and stuff, and then he goes and marries ME. (Can’t I just say that it feels like we’ve been married forever and that gets me off the hook for actual date-dependent celebrations? No…?)

I share this as preface to the notion that I’m not one of those “shower me with love and expensive gifts” sorts of people when it comes to Mother’s Day. On the other hand, today I’m over at Off Our Chests talking about what even a confirmed un-sentimentalist like myself can tell you is a really bad Mother’s Day gift. Come on over; you know you love it when I go all Judgy McJudgerson.


  1. Average Jane

    My husband is by far more sentimental than I am, so I completely understand. Luckily our anniversary is easy to remember (and we’ve had 16 of them so far, so that makes it easier still).

  2. Liz

    The kids made my husband beautiful cards for his birthday, last week. Because, I asked them to. Which is what I told my husband, as I wished him Happy Birthday, empty handed. [heavy sigh] After 20-something years, the fact that we are still together is surprise enough, right? RIGHT? [sound of crickets] Riiiiiiight. Happy Anniversary, early.

  3. Stimey

    I forget my anniversary every damn year and Alex always buys something for me in the appropriate material for how many years we’ve been married. It’s the worst.

  4. Tracy B

    You would have remembered…eventually! Happy “early” Anniversary!!!!

  5. Dawn

    My husband is the same as Stimey’s. Always a gift in the appropriate material for the year. Me? Our 15th is tomorrow and I still have no idea what to give him…*sigh*

  6. Kelly Allan

    Hubby is the same as you about anniversaries. I did some pretty cool things for him, bought dinner and when he came home with nothing – nil – I made him cook the dinner!

  7. Lynn in Mass

    That sounds so sweet of Otto

  8. Heather

    Poor, poor Otto. ;-) Not to worry, I’m sure there are plenty of other benefits to being married to you. Heh. I’m not sure which role I’d have, honestly! I sometimes forget to DO things for important dates (to plan ahead, in particular), but I don’t usually forget the date itself.

  9. Sheryl

    That’s exactly why we got married on the 4th of July. Hey, and fireworks to boot. All the restaurants are closed though.

  10. mominrome

    my husband says that I don’t know what the word “romantic” means.

    the worst part is that I must admit he’s kind of right….


    I think I must balance this out… I’ve been married three times – finally I found a husband who not only appreciates that he married me, but remembers our anniversary. Finally.

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