Now that she’s a grown-up, and all

By Mir
April 19, 2011

Yesterday I was super-awesome and let my daughter skip school to celebrate her birthday!

Yesterday I was also a stone-cold bitch and made my daughter spend half her birthday at the doctor’s. Um. Oops!

So, no, we still don’t know what’s going on with her skin, though at least we didn’t have to see the horrifying Dr. BadHair, again, but instead saw one of the nice doctors who actually listens and explains things and has ideas. More on that another day, but we’re headed to yet another specialist. Fun.

After we finally escaped, I took her out to lunch to a soup/salad place called “Lettuce Souprise You,” which is notable only in that it provided endless entertainment for our meal. (“Sooooouprise, there’s worms in your salad!” “Soooouuuuuprise, it’s not really lettuce!” etc.) When we got up to the cashier to pay, the woman at the register asked Chickie how old she is. And I immediately answered, “She’s an adult.” I paid and we sat down.

Chickadee was grinning ear to ear. “You said I’m an adult!” I explained that for purposes of PAYING she was an adult, but the damage was done. She’s going to be insufferable, now. Heh.

So I decided to capture her wisdom at 13 quickly, before she really is an adult. I hope you’ll come over to Off Our Chests today and read about what she’s taught me.


  1. Chris

    Happy 13+1 day to Chickadee!

  2. Lisa

    The OOC post was a lovely tribute! Happy birthday and happy womanhood to Chickadee!

  3. Tracy B

    And you will forever have those words on your lips. lol I just love OOC. It’s so uplifting and your tribute to Chickie was so sweet! She will cherish that post (when she really is “adult” and can appreciate it).

  4. Reagan

    I LOVE Lettuce Souprise You!!! Usually I’m just a lurker, but that brought me out of the woodwork, ;) So fun to read a local Athens/Atlanta blog.

  5. Megan

    My sister at 11 insisted on being called a ‘youth’ which she felt was WAY more mature than ‘kid’ without stepping on the toes of true ‘teen.’ At thirteen she segued into ‘young adult.’ My sister was always a bit precocious…

    If Chickie insists upon her ‘adult’ status I say take advantage and happily hand off those fabulous privileges of adultdom – like bill paying! Whee!

  6. The Mommy Therapy

    Loved your post at Off Our Chests. Inspiring and insightful as always. :)

  7. dad

    Parents and kids can learn something from each other every day of their lives.

    Case closed.

  8. Heather

    You’re grrrrrreat :)

  9. smarty

    My daughter’s birthday is today only she is (gasp) 18. (Still not ready to call her an adult) It seems like she was born yesterday a millon years ago if you know what I mean. Also, I’m way to young to have an adult child. ps. I rarely comment due to lack of time, but have loved your blog for a long time. pss I have a son (about to be 14) (gasp) that is challenging in many ways and I so relate to you. I think you are terrific. :)

  10. 12tequilas

    She may not listen to you, but she hears you, and will listen to the memories of what you said, later. Does that make sense?

    P.S. I met and had a conversation with Pamela Travers when I was six years old. Does this make me awesome by association? I think so!

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