Batterbatterbatter sWING batter!

My poor father took something of a scolding yesterday for being mushy when I had really been hoping for a wacky story from my childhood. But which one could he have told? he wanted to know. What would’ve been the POINT of the story about the time I had my finger slammed in the car door, for example? My attempts to explain that there is rarely a point to what I talk about here seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The family tales flew fast and furious last night, though, hitting on item after item where I would invariably protest, “Why didn’t you write about THAT??” Because my childhood was FILLED with good blog material, y’all. And lots of it I didn’t even know about. (“Oh, they were a funny couple, because they each only had one leg,” Dad said, halfway through dinner. “WHAT??” Relatives I’d known since birth, it seemed like, and somehow I’d either never known or forgotten this little tidbit. It seems like something I’d remember, no?)

Of course, with baseball looming this morning, there was some discussion of my esteemed Little League career.

Hint: I was afraid of the ball. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about it, there. Let’s just say that the kids in the special league are all far better at baseball than I ever was. Ahem.

Baseball has become my favorite part of the week. With my folks visiting it was a lot of fun being able to share this with them, to show them how Monkey prefers to groom the dirt around third base when he’s out in the field, and how his face lights up when he actually hits the ball. They got to watch Licorice bask in the attention of all the kids, and Chickadee carefully attend to the preschooler who decided she was his friend and protector.

Lemur and his family were there, this time, and so the boys swarmed their way around the field, talking and laughing, and occasionally even playing the game.

Otto and my stepmom both stayed busy taking pictures, and later we laughed to discover that my stepmom has several of me with my mouth WIDE OPEN—I spend a lot of time yelling there. I always lament my tendency to yell, but at baseball it’s all “WAY TO GO!” and “RUN RUN RUN!” and “NICE SWING!” and “AWESOME!” Everyone cheers for everyone and everything, everyone gets sweaty and filthy, and then we all eat cookies and drink juice together.

Today I found myself telling the woman who runs the league about how soccer ended up being a humiliating disaster, years ago, and finding this league changed everything for us. For Monkey, it’s given him a chance to play a sport just like the other kids, but in a safe way where he won’t be mocked or misunderstood or tossed from the game if he’s having a hard time. She nodded. I doubt I’m the first person to tell her a story like that. I’m probably not the first one to tear up while I did it, either.

Baseball, man. I don’t even LIKE baseball. Except, God, I just love this. For him, and for me, too.


  1. Karen R.

    Special needs athletics are a beautiful thing. And the coaches are awesome. It is so great that your Dad and stepmom got to experience this with Monkey. Go to a swim meet sometime and watch how everyone cheers that last, slowest swimmer to finish their race.

  2. Midj

    Days like this to live for. People who get you. Family. Yay for you all!

  3. Heather

    See, then you made ME tear up at the end, and it’s not even a story about MY kid ;-)

  4. Lara

    It’s awesome that your Dad was game to write a post at all! And I’m sure (secretly, of course) it was nice for you to hear the mushy stuff. Though now I feel I’ve missed out on some good stories ;)

    And I’ll say it again. Monkey’s baseball league sounds fabulous. Wish the whole world was that open and accepting.

  5. Nancy

    How great that the grandparents could see Monkey in action. I love those leagues!

    My dad’s in town for the weekend here. (My 2 year old keeps calling him Gramma, which he finds hysterical.) I am so glad he doesn’t blog, because the pictures he brought of us as kids are beyond embarrassing.

    Thanks for sharing your heartwarming moments with us.

  6. The Mommy Therapy

    So glad your Dad and Stepmom could be there to see all the action. I love reading about Monkey’s baseball days. So happy he has it and so happy you do too.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Crista

    I love this post. You sound very peaceful today :)

  8. Jamie

    Maybe your dad needs to be on a monthly guest-poster rotation to share those great tidbits from your childhood!

    So glad Monkey and Lemur are doing well together after the spat at school. Yay, Baseball!!

  9. Headless Mom

    I love this. I’m so happy that Monkey can have a great time and you can relax and be a baseball mom. These are the days that memories are made of.

    The woman that runs our challenger league here is the most amazing woman-she runs 8 teams! My boys go help when they can…they love it.

  10. mamaspeak

    I was thinking the same thing as Jamie; monthly guest post from Pops! No pressure, write a funny story about Mir any time you feel like it & when Mir needs a day off, it gets posted.

    I’m glad for all of you that you have this league. It warms my heart.

  11. Beth R

    Isn’t it lovely to have a GOOD reason to yell? :)

    Hugs and happy spring to Casa Mir!

  12. Stimey

    I know exactly.

  13. Chuck Mann

    Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Saturday.

  14. Lynn in Mass

    Sounds like a fun and relaxing way to spend a Saturday with family.

  15. Aimee

    How fun! I’m so glad Monkey had so many people there to cheer for him. I love, too, the image of Chickadee being adopted by a pre-schooler and taking such good care of him.

  16. Katie in MA

    It’s so nice when you find your little nooks and spaces in this world, isn’t it? Even the transient ones can just feel so gosh darn homey.

  17. Lylah

    “They each only had one leg” should totally be your new tagline.

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